How You Can Strengthen Your Lungs

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If you’re suffering from a chronic lung disease like COPD, you may be wondering if there’s any way you can strengthen your lungs to improve your breathing. COPD makes it difficult to breathe because of inflammation that blocks air from getting in and out of your lungs efficiently.
Without professional treatment, this inflammation will progress and cause further damage and make it more difficult to breathe. However, along with professional treatment, you can follow a few simple breathing exercises to help strengthen your lungs.

How do breathing exercises help strengthen the lungs?

Your lungs are made up of organs and tissues that help you breathe. These tissues operate smoothly when they’re elastic and flexible, but inflammation causes them to grow stiff and scarred. Breathing exercises can help improve the elasticity of lung tissue to help reduce shortness of breath.
Exercises that target your diaphragm will also help improve your breathing. The lungs themselves are not a muscle but are essentially squeezed and stretched by your diaphragm muscle. Muscles in your rib cage also expand and contract to help your lungs function.

What kind of breathing exercises should you do?

Talk with your primary care provider about exercises. He or she will give you instructions for exercises to do at home that will help improve your breathing. You may also visit a physical therapist for assistance or have a caregiver provide assistance.
Exercises that can help improve your breathing include:

  • Pursed-lip breathing
  • Deep breathing
  • Controlled coughing
  • Diaphragm exercising
  • Activity breathing

Contact the Lung Health Institute for treatment

Breathing exercises are great for helping you breathe better, but you need medical treatment to experience any large change in your breathing abilities. At the Lung Health Institute, we offer treatments that enable your body to fight lung disease with its own resources.
Our lung restoration treatment™ is a form of cellular therapy that uses concentrated forms of your blood and cells to target infection and reduce inflammation, making it easier for you to breathe.
Our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ (AI²™) helps fight infection by introducing nutrients into your body that the body needs to improve its natural healing abilities.
Would you like to learn more about the treatments we offer at the Lung Health Institute? Contact us today to discover how we can help you Breathe Easier™ again.

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