“I’m Able to Work Out Longer Than Before!” — Theodore, Lung Health Institute Patient

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Six years ago, Theodore suffered an exacerbation that caused his chronic bronchitis to worsen drastically. Despite his medications and treatment, he couldn’t find the quality of life he was seeking. He felt like he couldn’t catch his breath, and the intensity of his workouts suffered. That’s when he looked into cellular therapy treatment at the Lung Health Institute. Here’s his story:

The chronic bronchitis that took down his energy levels

Theodore suffered a severe exacerbation several years ago that left him with several broken ribs and contusions. Because he had already been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, which caused his lungs and his immune system to be weakend, he developed a lung infection. The doctors prescribed several medications, including corticosteroids, but nothing was helping.
The lung infection made his chronic bronchitis worse, which started impacting his quality of life. He didn’t leave the house much, and he could barely exercise without getting sick. His intensity level was way down compared to where it used to be. Eventually, his lung infection turned into a bad case of pneumonia, and with his already weakened lungs from chronic bronchitis, he knew he needed drastic intervention if he wanted to get better. So, he called the Lung Health Institute and made an appointment for the cellular therapy treatment.

Regaining strength after cellular therapy treatment at the Lung Health Institute

After receiving cellular therapy treatment from the Lung Health Institute, Theodore was able to regain some of the intensity he had lost in his workouts due to his chronic bronchitis and lung infection. Before treatment, he could only complete a level 4-5 on the stair-master without losing his breath. After treatment, he can get up to level 10-11 without feeling out of breath.

“Now I can do cardio for about an hour. I get my heart rate up to about 150-160  and keep it there for 10-20 min. I am able to work out a lot longer than before,” he states.

Theodore says that all of his family and friends comment on his improvement after cellular therapy treatment. The color is back in his face, and he can talk without experiencing shortness in breath. Now, he doesn’t even have to use medication or his nebulizer to help him breathe. He is enjoying life, and it’s all thanks to the cellular therapy treatment he received from the Lung Health Institute.
If you or a loved one is suffering from a chronic lung condition, contact the Lung Health Institute and learn more about our cellular therapy treatment. We can help you take the  next step toward Breathing Easier.

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