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Nashville, Tennessee, is home to a Lung Health Institute’s clinic. Here’s an inside look at our clinic, our amazing medical staff and places to explore if you visit our Nashville location to receive cellular therapy.

A Look Inside the Clinic

Our Nashville clinic is on the third floor of a medical building, with free on-site parking available to our patients. The office has 4 treatment rooms and an on-site laboratory. If you need supplemental oxygen, we have an oxygen concentrator in each treatment room for use while you’re here. For helpful tips about traveling with supplemental oxygen, read more here.

All of our medical and staff professionals in the Nashville clinic are here to make sure your treatment and experience run safely and efficiently. 

The Cellular Therapy Process

The clinic’s on-site lab keeps our process moving without delay — and it helps get you in and out for cellular therapy in only a few hours. During treatment, our clinicians take a small venous blood draw that contains platelet-rich plasma-platelet concentrate (PRP-PC). The blood sample is transferred to our on-site lab, where the PRP-PC is separated and isolated. Afterward, the concentrated blood is returned to you through an IV. 
Within 2 heartbeats, the PRP-PC becomes trapped in the lungs via the Pulmonary Trap™, where it can help reduce inflammation and prevent further damage in the lungs. Our treatment is minimally invasive, minimally painful and has no downtime. You’re free to return to your normal activities once treatment is complete.

Entertainment and Dining in Nashville

We hope you have time to explore the sights and sounds of Nashville. Our clinic is 15 minutes from downtown Franklin, where you can find a blend of historic homes, book stores and antique shops beside modern art galleries, fashion boutiques and restaurants. You can also visit the Factory at Franklin, which houses shops and restaurants showcasing local products and artisan goods.
Downtown Nashville is only a 30-minute drive from our clinic. For country music fans, Nashville is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry. If the weather is pleasant, consider a stroll through Centennial Park, which features walking trails and a sunken garden. And if you have a full day for sightseeing, take an Old Town Trolley Tour, which stops at over 100 attractions around Nashville. A 1-day pass offers free reboarding all day, so you can visit as many stops as you’d like. 

Lung Health Institute Can Help With Travel Arrangements

If you have chronic lung disease, cellular therapy has the potential to slow down the progression of your condition and help you Breathe Easier™. For patients traveling to receive treatment at the Nashville clinic, our dedicated patient coordinators are here to help answer your questions and assist with hotel and car arrangements. For a list of nearby hotels partnered with Lung Health Institute, check here
For more information about cellular therapy or to schedule a free consultation, contact a patient coordinator today. 

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