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Interstitial Lung Disease Patient Sees Better Breathing After Cellular Treatment

17 Apr 2018
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For those with interstitial lung disease, the progression of their illness can pose significant challenges in their day-to-day lives..

The severe coughs, chest pain, and shortness of breath caused by interstitial lung disease and other restrictive lung conditions are not only uncomfortable, but can often limit a patient’s quality of life as well as their lifespan.

Lung Institute patient Barbara C. shares her experience with Interstitial Lung Disease and cellular therapy.

Barbara’s battle with  Interstitial Lung Disease

Five years ago, Barbara became an American Lung Association (ALA) Better Breathers Club facilitator in her Phoenix, Arizona retirement community. Diagnosed with interstitial lung disease in 2011, she had experienced a steady worsening of her lung condition as far back as 2009. Then, in 2015, her lung spirometry test – which measures the volume of air you can forcefully expel in a given timeframe – revealed that her lungs were functioning at 50 to 47 percent the expected volume. That’s when she decided to look into the treatment options at the Lung Institute, which a Better Breathers participant had told her about.

“I decided I had nothing to lose,” Barbara explains.

Barbara didn’t want to be an invalid. She was active in her community and enjoyed going out to dinner with her husband, dancing, traveling and hiking at the Desert Botanical Garden. Figuring she had nothing to lose, she contacted the Lung Health Institute to learn more about our alternative regenerative lung treatments.

Barbara notices improvements after cellular therapy

About three months after her first cellular treatment in November 2015, she noticed she could more easily climb a flight of stairs or walk up to a mile – near impossibilities before her therapy. In April, her pulmonologist appointment revealed no drop in lung function since Barbara’s last test. To her, this was significant, as she had only lost function for the previous six years.

Barbara’s cellular treatment also allowed her to try gentle exercise like tai chi, breathing techniques and nutritional changes that have worked together with her treatments to improve her daily health. In October 2016, Barbara had still not lost lung function. The following year, she had a follow-up treatment, and she noticed even more improvement. She had by then switched pulmonologists, as her previous doctor wasn’t convinced of the benefits of her treatment.

“But to me, holding my own was exceptional,” Barbara says. “And I didn’t want to go back to my drug program, which hadn’t helped me seven years before.”

Her new doctor had personally seen four patients who had shown similar improvements to Barbara’s. That was enough for him to endorse further follow ups to the cellular treatment – which Barbara says she’s really looking forward to.

To Barbara, the most dramatic result of her treatment has been returning to the Desert Botanical Garden she so loved to walk years earlier. She could barely make it across without a scooter after her diagnosis. But one day after her first cellular treatment, she went to an event for one of her children, and she walked the entire distance of the gardens.

“To be able to go to the store and come home and go to a meeting and go out in the evening with my husband and have dinner and dance – this is wonderful,” Barbara says.

Barbara still runs Better Breathers meetings in her community, and says she plans to use her close work with the ALA to further education about cellular treatment. She hopes that her efforts will help build awareness of the potential benefits of cellular therapy and encourage more medical professionals to consider the option for their patients. She’s looking forward to taking small trips to see family, but her biggest goal?

“My continuing care retirement community elected me president of the resident’s council,” she says. “My biggest goal is to get through this year doing an effective job and making some good changes.”


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