Interstitial Lung Disease Treatment

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Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is a type of chronic lung disease that includes hundreds of conditions, including asbestosis, black lung and silicosis. It’s an occupational disease that’s caused by inhaling irritants and contaminants like metal, silica dust and coal dust. Smoking can also make interstitial lung disease worse. Over time, interstitial lung disease scars the lungs. Since there is no treatment for interstitial lung disease, the goal is usually to improve quality of life by treating the symptoms themselves. Cellular therapy may be an effective way to treat the underlying cause of interstitial lung disease by encouraging healthy new tissue to grow and helping to reduce inflammation and further damage within the lungs.

How is interstitial lung disease typically treated?

Traditionally, doctors will treat interstitial lung disease with medications like corticosteroids. But these are only effective in temporarily relieving the symptoms of interstitial lung disease rather than the underlying cause. Cellular therapy is an alternative treatment that may improve lung function and promote natural healing in those with chronic lung disease.

How cellular therapy helps treat interstitial lung disease

Cellular therapy uses the patient’s own cells to target and help encourage the growth of healthy tissue in the lungs. During our cellular therapy treatment, we take a sample of cells from the patient’s body and then put the concentrated cells back into the body, where they may help promote the growth of new lung tissue in the place of tissue damaged and scarred by interstitial lung disease.
As the only cellular clinic in the world focusing exclusively on treating the symptoms of lung disease, the Lung Health Institute is a leader in regenerative therapy. Our treatment helps you improve your quality of life by helping to reduce inflammation from interstitial lung disease.
When you breathe easier, you can also reclaim those parts of your life that chronic lung disease may have taken from you, such as physical activity, time with your family and even the day-to-day activities that become difficult to perform with shortness of breath and fatigue. For more information about cellular therapy and how it may help reduce the symptoms of interstitial lung disease, contact us today at 855-882-1292.

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