Is Bronchiectasis Reversible?

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Bronchiectasis

Bronchiectasis is a chronic obstructive respiratory condition that can lead to serious lung damage. Over time, inflammation in the airways (bronchi) can cause the walls of the bronchi to thicken, which can interfere with the proper drainage of mucus and, in turn, allow bacteria to accumulate and thrive. When left untreated, bronchiectasis can produce recurrent infections, persistent coughing and permanent lung scarring.

Currently, there is no cure for bronchiectasis. However, there are treatments available that can relieve its symptoms, slow its progression and help preserve lung function. Traditional forms of treatment, such as bronchodilators and antibiotic medications, generally focus on reducing inflammation, thinning mucus, improving air flow and treating infection. Sometimes, if the damage is confined to a small area of a lung, surgery may be recommended to address very severe symptoms.

Alternatively, the Lung Health Institute offers cellular therapy for bronchiectasis treatment:

  • Blood-derived cellular therapy

These minimally invasive, outpatient procedures are designed to take advantage of the unique and powerful capabilities of adult cells. After deriving a sample of a patient’s blood, our regenerative medicine specialists isolate the cells in our on-site lab. When reintroduced to the patient’s body intravenously, the highly concentrated cells can travel through the bloodstream to reach the lungs and promote the natural healing of damaged tissue.

As the world’s only cellular therapy center that focuses exclusively on treating pulmonary conditions – some of which are considered to be irreversible – the Lung Health Institute helps many people manage their bronchiectasis symptoms and achieve a better quality of life. We understand that our patients are individuals, and we believe they deserve treatments that meet their unique needs and goals.

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