Is There a Pill for Treating COPD?

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Many people who suffer from shortness of breath caused by irritation in the lungs are diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Also known as COPD, this condition grows worse over time and can lead to respiratory failure and heart failure. Because COPD can be fatal if allowed to progress without treatment, people with the disease turn to medical professionals for help.

Treatments for COPD vary depending on the severity of the disease, your age and your medical history. No pill or treatment can completely cure the disease, but modern medical advancements can help slow its progress and reduce the severity of its symptoms.

Treatment options for COPD

Since COPD cannot be cured, most treatments primarily focus on reducing inflammation and opening your airways to help you breathe better. After reviewing your symptoms and diagnosing the severity of your COPD, your physician will likely recommend some of the following treatments:

  • Quit smoking — Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of COPD and other major lung diseases. It’s not too late to quit if you’ve been diagnosed with COPD because quitting will significantly help in reducing irritation that causes your COPD to progress at faster rates. Sometimes, if COPD is diagnosed early enough, quitting smoking may be all you need for treatment.
  • Bronchodilators — Bronchodilators may be prescribed to use daily or in emergencies to help manage and prevent flare-ups of symptoms.
  • Steroids — Steroids may be prescribed in the pill form or as an inhalant to help reduce inflammation in your airways.
  • Oxygen therapy — You may need supplemental oxygen to help get oxygen into your bloodstream if your lung function is low. Some people require supplemental oxygen all day and night while others may only need it a few times a day for a boost.
  • Pulmonary therapy — This is a lifestyle program guided by a healthcare professional that aims to help you breathe better through exercise, diet, breathing techniques and group counseling.

Treat COPD With Cellular Therapy

Another treatment that many people with COPD are trying is Cellular Therapy from the Lung Health Institute. This form of cellular therapy for your lungs is a treatment that uses your own cells to reduce inflammation.

These cells are taken from a small sample of your blood that is withdrawn in a lab by one of our specialists. Concentrated forms of healing cells are then reintroduced into your bloodstream to fight lung disease.

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