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Charles was diagnosed with COPD in 2006 when he noticed that his difficulty breathing was beginning to affect his ability to live out his daily life. The time that Charles had to spend pausing to catch his breath throughout the day increased over time. Many nights, Charles had to use oxygen to help his breathing, and he was afraid that with the progression of his COPD he would have to use oxygen 24/7.
Charles discovered the Lung Health Institute via a Facebook post and contacted us for treatment. After beginning his lung restoration treatment in our Dallas, TX clinic, Charles began to notice he could breathe better and complete daily tasks with less difficulty than before. Learn more about Charles’s story below.

Daily struggles with COPD before treatment

Charles used to get out of breath when walking next door to his girlfriend’s house. As his breathing difficulty progressed, simpler tasks like rolling up a hose in the yard or drying off after a shower were causing him to lose his breath.
Charles wanted to experience better breathing again so he could live a better quality of life and be able to help take care of his mom, which was difficult when he couldn’t breathe well. When he discovered the Lung Health Institute, he knew it was worth giving a shot for the chance of experiencing a fuller life again.

Life after lung restoration treatment at the Lung Health Institute

Now, those simple activities, like rolling up a hose, that used to make Charles run out of breath, barely affect him. His mom lives near his house, so he can walk over and help her with what she needs without getting winded.
Charles’s friends and family have also commented on how he looks healthier than before treatment:

“It’s pretty cool. My mom says she noticed and my girlfriend did too. Everybody who knew me before has commented on it. Actually, people tell me a lot that I looked pale before. Now I look healthier.”

Are you or a loved one experiencing struggles similar to those of Charles? Contact us today to speak with a patient coordinator at the Lung Health Institute about treatment options for your chronic lung disease.

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