“It’s just a totally different quality of life,” Joyce, Lung Health Institute Patient

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Joyce was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease in 2016. In the past few years, Joyce has seen her health and her quality of life deteriorate. Because of her lung condition, she was limited to the things she could do. Walking just a few steps would make her experience shortness of breath, and she was constantly tethered to her oxygen machine. Now that she’s had the cellular therapy treatment at the Lung Health Institute, her health and her quality of life have significantly improved. Read her patient testimonial here.

Daily struggles with Interstitial Lung Disease before treatment

Before her cellular therapy treatment at the Lung Health Institute, Joyce could barely walk a few steps without having to sit down and catch her breath. She describes herself before her treatment as mean — frustrated with her condition and its effect on her quality of life. Her life was controlled by ILD, and she was in the hospital for overnight treatment every week or two.
She knew that she couldn’t continue like this, so she contacted the Lung Health Institute and scheduled an appointment for the cellular therapy treatment in hopes that she could regain some of the quality of life that she had lost to interstitial lung disease.

A life renewed after cellular therapy at the Lung Health Institute

After receiving cellular therapy treatment at the Lung Health Institute, Joyce found the quality of life she once enjoyed.
“Since the [cellular therapy] treatment, I’m able to do a whole lot more. I am able to walk around in my yard… and now I can plant my flowers. I’m just able to do a whole lot more since then [receiving treatment],” Joyce says.
Since her treatment, she hasn’t been to the hospital once, which is a significant improvement from the bi-weekly trips to the hospital she experienced before her treatment at the Lung Health Institute. She can also do all of her chores that she couldn’t do before due to a lack of oxygen. Joyce’s primary care doctor has even reported on the significant increase in her overall health.
If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with interstitial lung disease, contact the Lung Health Institute today. One of our dedicated Patient Coordinators can help you take the next step toward Breathing Easier.

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