Keto Biscuits: A Biscuit That Offers Lung Health Benefits

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Blog, Recipes

Biscuits, or crackers as we call them in the U.S., aren’t usually considered to be a lung-healthy food. However, there’s one biscuit recipe offered by the Lung Health Institute that may actually help you improve your lung health.

Benefits of eating keto biscuits

At the Lung Health Institute, our health care team knows there are certain macronutrients that are better for lung health than others. For instance, we can tell you refined carbs are the worst macronutrient you can eat when you have a chronic lung disease. They aren’t great for lung patients because too many carbs are known to increase inflammation in the body, which may make it harder for you to breathe.
However, healthy fat and protein are two macronutrients that may have a more positive effect on your lung health. Healthy fats may have many benefits for lung patients, but the biggest benefit they offer is they can be used by your body as inflammation-fighting fuel. Protein, too, may help your body fight lung disease symptoms and help you feel full longer after a meal.
Even after you’re aware of the benefits of fat and protein, and the downside of processed carbs for lung health, many of us still crave carb-heavy foods like crackers. Fortunately, the health care team has come up with a keto biscuit recipe to help you satisfy your cracker craving, and this recipe may offer you benefits such as:

  • A high dose of healthy fats to help fight inflammation
  • A moderate serving of protein to help keep hunger at bay
  • A lower amount of carbs than most store-bought crackers
  • More helpful vitamins and minerals than most store-bought crackers

If you find yourself craving crackers to go with your soup, reach for some keto biscuits to satisfy your craving while potentially increasing your body’s ability to improve your lung health.

The Lung Health Institute has other recipes that may help you improve your lung health naturally

The Lung Health Institute is committed to helping chronic lung disease patients find treatments that may help improve lung health naturally. For instance, we offer many lung-healthy recipes as part of our three Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™, or AI2™, plans. We also offer cellular therapy as a natural lung treatment that may help to reduce your lung inflammation.
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