Living with COPD: A True Story

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For people who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema or another chronic lung disease, living their lives can seem nearly impossible. Someone living with COPD and emphysema faces many challenges on a daily basis. Because COPD and other chronic lung diseases cause fatigue, shortness of breath and persistent coughing, many people find it difficult to enjoy their favorite activities. In fact, many people have trouble performing daily tasks like showering, dressing, cooking and cleaning. While COPD, emphysema and other chronic lung diseases are progressive and will worsen over time, there are treatment options available. Traditional COPD treatments typically include medications, steroids, inhalers and oxygen therapy. Another COPD treatment is cellular therapy. Cellular therapy works to promote healing from within the lungs, potentially improving quality of life. Our patient Penny K. shares her story with us about living with COPD and what she did to feel better.

How did Penny handle living with COPD?

COPD causes people to have difficulty breathing to the point that even daily tasks like walking from one room to another leaves them breathless. In order to manage symptoms at home, many patients have to modify their homes to make it easier to get around. Penny’s experience living with COPD was no different.

Penny and her husband’s bedroom was upstairs, but Penny wasn’t able to climb the stairs to get to their room. So, Penny slept in a bed downstairs in the family room, and her husband put a commode on the end of her bed because she couldn’t walk 20 feet to the bathroom without her rescue inhaler and had extreme difficulty in breathing. Penny’s family worried about her, so Penny made sure to have her cell phone and emergency call alert with her.

Even with these home and lifestyle modifications, Penny’s COPD and emphysema continued to cause her trouble. In fact, Penny’s daughter went over to Penny’s house every morning, spending the entire day with Penny. Penny knew something had to change, so she decided to try cellular therapy.

As Penny said, “There’s nothing more frightening than not being able to breathe.”

How has Penny’s life changed since cellular therapy?

Living with COPD: A True Story

Now, Penny is able to enjoy her favorite activities again, including spending time out of the house with her family and friends. She and her husband have resumed their weekly date night, where they can enjoy eating at various restaurants. When she wants to cook at home, she no longer worries about if she can.

Penny has attended a bridal shower with her family, and she felt so good after the shower that she, her daughter and her granddaughter went dress shopping at the mall. At times, she still needs her wheel chair to get around long distances, but now she’s able to be outside again. Penny’s family and friends have noticed her improvements, too. People comment on how much stronger she is.

She and her husband are so confident in the progress she’s making that they are planning an RV trip to Yellowstone. After being homebound for so long, Penny didn’t think she would ever get back out of her house. Now, she’s optimistic about her life and her future.

Are you ready to feel better like Penny? Here’s what to do:

Living with COPD has changed for Penny since her cellular therapy. At the Lung Health Institute, we strive to provide you with the information you need to make an informed, proactive decision in your healthcare. When we asked Penny for her cellular therapy review at the Lung Health Institute, she said, “There’s no reason to be afraid to try to improve [your] quality of life. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our most recent findings on patient improvement, and remember to check out the stories of other Lung Health Institute patients who are living with COPD. We’re happy to answer your questions about cellular therapy for chronic lung diseases, so feel free to contact us at 888-745-6697 to have your questions answered.

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