Lung Health Institute Earns Joint Commission Accreditation

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There are many positive aspects of the Lung Health Institute that appeal to patients with chronic lung conditions. For instance, the Lung Health Institute offers natural treatments for many chronic lung diseases, including COPD. However, one indication that our services may provide significant benefits to you is that we’re accredited by The Joint Commission.

Why our Joint Commission accreditation is good for you

The Joint Commission Is one of the oldest healthcare accreditation organizations in the United States. This organization was previously known as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), and it was originally established in 1951 to ensure healthcare standards compliance in hospitals. Currently, The Joint Commission provides accreditation for more than 21,000 healthcare organizations and programs in the United States alone. The Joint Commission also has an international accreditation body, which is known as Joint Commission International. This body provides accreditation for hospitals and other healthcare organizations around the world. Joint Commission International accredits healthcare organizations in areas of the world that include Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America.
At the Lung Health Institute, we’re proud to have earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval®️ for ambulatory Health Care Accreditation. This award is a tribute to the high standards of patient care and safety our staff has always been committed to. We’re also committed to meeting all current and future Food and Drug Administration guidelines and regulations that pertain to our style of health care.
Our team is proud to meet all of these high standards, and we’re even more proud to offer natural lung condition treatments to you that meet these high standards. For instance, we offer three Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ plans. These plans include a variety of information that may allow you to naturally reduce the inflammation caused by your lung disease. Some of the information in these plans includes tips for picking anti-inflammatory foods, lung-healthy recipes, tips for sleeping with a lung condition and information about exercising with a lung condition.
Another service that we offer that meets the high standards outlined by The Joint Commission is cellular therapy. When you receive cellular therapy, a sample of the your own blood is taken for the cells to be separated and isolated. Concentrated cells are then returned into the bloodstream. This may repair damaged tissue and reduce inflammation, allowing you to breathe easier™, which can improve your quality of life.
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