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Lung Institute Reviews: What Our Patients Are Saying

1 Feb 2017
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Lung Institute Reviews: What Our Patients Are Saying

Wondering what patients are saying about the Lung Institute? Find out here.

For those suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), where the disease is not only degenerative, but also progressive, finding any type of treatment that can show efficacy in relieving symptoms and slowing disease progression is paramount. Although traditional treatment options for chronic lung disease are available, these options often fail to meet the expectations of the patient, only helping to relieve slight symptoms in the day-to-day rather than promoting higher quality of life in the long-term. When seeking a more substantial treatment option, it’s important to do one’s due diligence and research as much as you can, and more often than not, this means reading up on the experience of those who have gone through it before.

With your health in mind, the Lung Institute is here to bring to you our Lung Institute Reviews: What Our Patients Are Saying.

Denise F. – 61 – Smiths Creek, MI – Condition: COPD, Asthma

Lung Institute Reviews: What Our Patients Are Saying

Denise F. lived with COPD and chronic asthma for many years, but when her quality of life hit a point that was no longer acceptable, she decided to try something different. Prior to treatment, Denise needed oxygen and a walker, significantly reducing her freedom and mobility. Although Denise’s horses brought her peace of mind, spending quality time with them without struggling to breathe presented a challenge. When her grandchildren visited, she had a hard time playing with them. After treatment, Denise no longer needs oxygen or a walker. She’s walking, cleaning her house, shopping, enjoying her vacation, riding her horses, lifting hay bales and comfortably doing what she wants, particularly spending time with her grandchildren.

Ronnie G. – 64 – Warren, TX – Condition: COPD, Emphysema

Lung Institute Reviews: What Our Patients Are Saying

Ronnie G’s emphysema and COPD made his life increasingly challenging. Although his doctor recommended pursuing a lung transplant, Ronnie decided to look at other options. Before receiving treatment at the Lung Institute, simply breathing for Ronnie was a painful endeavor. Further still, he could only walk about 10-15 feet before he felt exhausted and out of breath. After treatment, Ronnie’s stamina is improving, his family and friends have taken notice, and he can walk longer distances and talk with greater ease.

Penny K. – 66 – Omaha, NE – Condition: COPD, Emphysema

Lung Institute Reviews: What Our Patients Are Saying

Penny K.’s COPD and emphysema dramatically reduced her quality of life leaving her critically ill. Struggling to get dressed, cook a meal, or speak on the phone without feeling out of breath she recognized that she could no longer live this way. Having discovered cellular therapy while checking Facebook, she reached out to the Lung Institute for more information and decided to schedule treatment. Following her cellular therapy, Penny’s quality of life has improved significantly, and her friends have noticed. Now, Penny is able to go to church and even sing, and is taking a more active role in living her life.

Moving Forward…

It’s important to know the road ahead in the treatment of COPD. As COPD can seem insurmountable, the first step to living a longer life is finding a treatment that addresses the disease head-on. Changing one’s diet and consistently exercising are among the most beneficial lifestyle changes one can adopt, aside from quitting smoking. If you’re looking to address COPD progression directly, it may be time to consider cellular therapy. Rather than only addressing the symptoms of lung disease, cellular therapy can directly affect disease progression and improve quality of life and pulmonary function. For people with lung disease, a change in quality of life could mean the difference between struggling to walk to the mailbox and riding a bike.

If you or a loved one suffers from a chronic disease like ILD, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis or other symptoms of lung disease, the Lung Institute may be able to help with a variety of adult cellular therapy options. Contact us today at 888-745-6697 to see if you qualify for cellular therapy, and find out what cellular therapy could mean for you.

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