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by | Apr 2, 2015 | COPD, Treatments

Helping Lung Disease Sufferers Better Understand Their Condition

The traditional way to check your pulmonary function is to go see a pulmonologist and have a series of tests run. Encompassed by a single term: pulmonary function test, various lung abilities are measured and scored based on output and how a healthy person your age should perform. In the past, this included a room full of equipment, with large machines and various gadgets. Over the years, the machines became smaller, and today, a new mobile PFT machine is now being produced.

Accessibility for Pulmonary Function Testing

The development of a mobile PFT machine may not directly seem like a huge advancement, but it is. According to the CDC, lung disease is the third leading cause of death in America just behind heart disease and cancer. However, there is far less public awareness about lung disease in comparison to say diabetes, which claims half as many lives every year. Poor awareness leads to a lack of knowledge about the disease and makes it less likely that someone with a lung disease will be properly diagnosed. This is where the new mobile PFT machine walks onto the stage in a starring role. Remember how large and cumbersome the machines of the past were? It made it impossible to vastly distribute machines across the country. The sheer cost and space needed to maintain the machines made it difficult for small clinics to have one. The new machines only take up 12 square inches of counter space, weigh just eight pounds and can generate accurate results in less than 30 minutes.  It is now possible for the minute clinic down the street to not only have space for a PFT machine, but to afford it as well. The accessibility that this new machine creates should not only grow awareness for lung disease, but also help diagnose people more often and quicker. Like with many conditions, early diagnosis of a lung disease can make a huge difference in a sufferer’s prognosis and lifestyle.

With these new advancements, there is no reason why everybody shouldn’t better understand their lung health. Just as these advancements will help build awareness, the advancements in treatment options, specifically cellular therapy, may help move lung disease down on the list of most common causes of death.

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