One Last Gift

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“One Last Gift”


Come, listen my children, for you shall hear

Of a Christmas Tale like none this year,

Upon Eve of Christmas our story arrives,

To share the tale of how Santa saved lives.


Up in the North Pole, Santa worked all day,

To prepare toys and games, so the children could play

The elves were busy with all of their might

So the reindeer could be ready to take their flight.


As Santa prepared his bright red suit,

Down the hall came a very loud hoot.

An elf came forth wearing a very bright sweater

Holding in his hands a very tiny letter.


“One last letter,” said the elf very snappy

As Santa took the letter looking perpetually happy

He opened and read the story in hand

About a request so big and a request so grand.


For you see, this was not a normal request

‘Twas from a little girl who wanted her family at best;

For she described with worry,

That her grandfather needed help in a hurry.


“Santa,” she wrote, “he cannot breathe right

I’m afraid if this continues, he might lose his fight.

I’ve looked for help far and near,

But all I want is my grandfather next year.”


Santa put down the letter with a tear in his eye,

Knowing full well that it was not time for goodbye

He dressed in a rush and went to the sleigh

And took off with the reindeer to Tampa Bay.


For it was here that Santa caught a glance

Of a special place that could give her grandfather a chance—

A place of hope for all who came

Led by a doctor who was ahead of the game.


The Lung Health Institute is the place in question,

Thus Santa met with the doctor in a quick session.

Sharing the letter so all was clear,

The doctor agreed cellular therapy would bring great cheer.


Departing the clinic to deliver toys to the girls and boys,

Santa’s last stop was one of utmost joy

Down the chimney, Santa went,

To deliver one last gift to whom the letter was sent.


The girl awoke with surprise

To see Santa Claus standing, looking so wise

“Read your letter, I did,” Santa said.

“Do not worry for your grandfather will have hope and much to look ahead.”


The girl smiled and cried with a cheerful tear

And said that she would surely write again next year.

As Santa left for the North Pole fold

He anxiously awaited for what next year would hold.


A year had gone by and the letter did arrive

To account how the grandfather felt much more alive.

Another Christmas was not cut short

Through the heart of a child and Santa’s support.

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