One Patient’s Journey: A Story of COPD and Cellular Treatment

by | Apr 24, 2018 | COPD, Patient Stories

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) often starts with trouble breathing. Patients like Herb may go years before being diagnosed. And after a diagnosis, the progression of chronic lung diseases like COPD can reduce quality of life and lifespan.

While there is no cure for COPD, certain treatments can help ease the symptoms and progression of the chronic lung disease. Here, Herb talks about his experience after being diagnosed with COPD — and how things began to change after his cellular treatment.

How COPD affected Herb’s life

In his life, Herb had been a smoker, a commercial painter and a demolition builder. Any of these risk factors could have contributed to his COPD. He first saw his doctors because he had trouble breathing, but he didn’t believe their diagnosis at first. Then, he caught pneumonia and ended up in the hospital.

Herb first considered the Lung Health Institute’s cellular treatment because he felt he had nothing to lose. With just 20 percent lung capacity and the inability to walk even short distances without oxygen, his quality of life was so poor that he believed the treatment could only help. After the first cycle of treatment, which uses cells from the patient’s own body and reintroduces them into the lungs, helping to stimulate the growth of healthy tissue, he was amazed.

Herb’s life after cellular treatment

While he admits he can’t run a mile or skip rope, today, Herb can do the small day-to-day tasks that were previously unheard of – vacuuming, making the bed, cleaning the house. He’s all but abandoned his oxygen tank, and can walk around the mall, occasionally having to rest for a few minutes but able to get back up again without the supplemental treatment he once relied upon. He almost never gets sick, he’s gained back all the weight he lost after his initial diagnosis, and he estimates his health is around 90 percent better. Even his general practitioner is now a believer in the regenerative lung treatment, he says.

Herb says his friends and family have noticed a big difference, and his daughter tells all her friends about his improvements. He himself has referred four or five people to the Lung Health Institute, and uses his own experience to educate others about the option.

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