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by | Oct 19, 2018 | Blog, Lung Disease

The Lung Health Institute introduced our lung restoration treatment™ to the world in 2014. This revolutionary form of cellular therapy uses your body’s own cells to target lung disease and fight inflammation. The result is better breathing, reduced inflammation and decreased severity of lung disease symptoms.
Lung restoration treatment™ is still relatively new to the medical field, so we understand that you will have some questions. What is it exactly? Is it right for you? Is it expensive? Are there harmful side-effects?
Get the answers to these questions and more by downloading our patient guide.

What you can learn from the Lung Health Institute patient guide

We put together our patient guide and made it free for you to download so can have access to learning more about your treatment options and what the steps of treatment look like. In the patient guide, you will discover:

  • Lung restoration treatment™ — This is the one we’re most known for. Our lung restoration treatment™ has been performed thousands of times and has a success rate of more than 85 percent.This procedure uses concentrated forms of your own plasma, platelets and cells to target infection in your lungs to reduce inflammation and improve your ability to breathe.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ (AI²™) — Nutrition and lifestyle are more linked to your lung health than you may imagine. We offer three AI²™ plans for you to choose from depending on your needs and lifestyle. These plans will help empower your body’s ability to heal itself and reduce inflammation in your lungs.
  • The path to treatment — Everyone’s treatment journey is unique, but there are some general steps that each patient can expect to take on their individual journey. In the patient guide, we’ll go over these steps in more detail to help you understand what the treatment process looks like. It’s much more simple than you may think.
  • Helpful paperwork — Medical records are required for forming an effective treatment plan. To get these, you need to request copies of them to be released to us from your primary physician. We’ve included the documents you need to do this in our patient guide to make this easier for you.

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