Overcoming the struggles of COPD: Enjoying your daily life

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If you’ve been diagnosed with COPD, you know just how precious every breath of air can be. The inflammation in your lungs from COPD causes shortness of breath and other symptoms that make it difficult to do the things you love to do.
Treatments focus on controlling the symptoms of COPD because there is no cure for the disease itself. The disease progressively grows worse, which causes more flare-ups of shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing and more. This is why it’s so important to follow your doctor’s treatment plan and take other active measures in your life to keep your lungs healthy and strong.

The challenges of living with COPD flare-ups

Flare-ups affect everyone differently depending on the severity of their COPD and other factors like lifestyle, smoking history and exposure to irritants in the air. Some people in the early stages of COPD may experience very few flare-ups. Others with more advanced COPD may experience frequent flare-ups.
Living with frequent flare-ups prevents your body from getting the oxygen it needs. This affects your ability to participate in any physically demanding activity, such as running, swimming or even walking. As flare-ups become worse, you may notice you have trouble walking around your home or standing on your feet long enough to cook.
Many people with COPD can hardly hold a conversation without feeling exhausted. This is hard when it limits your ability to talk and laugh with your friends and loved ones.
Fortunately, Cellular Therapy from the Lung Health Institute can help you Breathe Easier™ if you have COPD.

Change your life with Lung Restoration Treatment

Cellular Therapyis a treatment that aims to reduce inflammation in the lungs to help clear up your airways. Many of the COPD patients who have received this treatment have reported improvements in lung function within the first three months.
Tammi S., one of our patients, visited the Lung Health Institute for treatment when her lung function was down to 58 percent. After treatment, her doctor found that her lung performance had increased to 78 percent.
Tammi is now able to enjoy her life with less shortness of breath. She can talk to her friends and family and doesn’t have to take medications every hour of the day anymore.
If you have COPD or another chronic lung disease and would like to be able to breathe easier, the Lung Health Institute can help. Contact us today to speak with a patient coordinator for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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