Patient Satisfaction is the Goal at Lung Health Institute

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Featured

It’s not enough for health care providers to offer high-quality services to their patients. They must also work hard to ensure that their patients are satisfied with the results of the services they offer. This task isn’t always easy, but the Lung Health Institute is proud that we’re able to provide quality services that satisfy our patients.

How we prove our commitment to high patient satisfaction

At the Lung Health Institute, we believe that scientific and medical evidence should back all of the services we offered to our lung patients. However, we also know that scientific backing isn’t everything. The human element is vital to us as well. This commitment to our patients as people is the reason we strive for the highest possible customer satisfaction. Our commitment to your satisfaction has the 95% patient satisfaction* rating our patients have awarded us with.
Our high customer satisfaction rating is primarily based on the fact that our services work and work well for our patients. One example of the services we offer that meet this high customer satisfaction standard is cellular therapy. Cellular therapy is a multi-step process that’s designed to help you fight the inflammation caused by lung diseases, such as COPD. The first step in this form of treatment is to draw a small blood sample from you. Our clinicians will then use this blood sample to isolate and concentrate cells and plasma. In the final step of cellular therapy, the concentrated cells are returned into the bloodstream through an IV. Once these cells are returned to your body, they may repair damaged tissue and reduce the inflammation in your lungs.
We’ve performed over 6,500 cellular therapy treatments at our Lung Health Institute locations, and the results our patients have seen have been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, 85 percent* of our patients report an improvement in their quality of life within three months of having cellular therapy.

The Lung Health Institute is ready to help you find natural treatments that will satisfy your goals

In addition to the cellular therapy we offer at the Lung Health Institute, our team has also developed another service that may be helpful for you if you have a chronic lung condition. This service is our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™, and it helps you take charge of your health by improving gut health and using fats as fuel to fight inflammation. Contact the Lung Health Institute today to schedule your free consultation.

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