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Planning the Perfect Backyard BBQ

12 Jun 2015
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Planning the Perfect Backyard BBQ

A COPD-Approved Backyard BBQ

For many people, living in the United States brings out a passion for freedom, independence and celebration. Summer is finally here, which means an opportunity to celebrate our great nation and to honor and remember the men and women who have given their life to this country. It is throughout the summer that people celebrate Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day, and for the food and drink lovers out there, these are days filled with family fun and the best burgers and wines around.

As the warmer months grow closer, it is impossible to contain the excitement for the season of family gatherings, BBQS and patriotic holidays. For the next three months, social events will offer savory bacon cheeseburgers, apricot-marinated grilled chicken and grandma’s potato salad. Cups will be filled with merlot, moscato and summer beers.

While savoring the sweet and tangy flavors of summer, people create memories of their children and grandchildren playing in the sprinklers and splashing in the pool. Scrapbooks will be filled with photos of sparklers and fireworks, families and friends, food and wine. Unfortunately, for the 35 million people suffering from lung disease, these celebrations come with limitations. Thankfully, with a few handy tips, sufferers have the opportunity to throw their own perfect backyard BBQ.

Three Tips for the Perfect Backyard BBQ

Keep It Cool


  • The Problem: Summer is prime time for backyard BBQs, but the most exciting time of the year comes along with heat and humidity. Extreme temperatures can lead to additional shortness of breath as your body works harder to maintain a normal body temperature, and therefore requires more oxygen.
  • The Solution: To prevent a COPD flare-up, remember temperature when you plan your party. Consider making it an indoor BBQ. With fun cooking tools like a George Foreman grill, you can still have that freshly grilled flavor you love. Dedicated to keeping the party outdoors? Set up fans ahead of time to make sure you can keep your body temperature regulated and avoid taxing your body.

Self-Help Accessible


  • The Problem: When we host a party, we get it into our heads that we should cater to every guest and help everyone throughout the whole event. This often makes it difficult to enjoy the gathering, not to mention tiring out a host with lung disease.
  • The Solution: Give out designated tasks. Is your son the best griller in town? Ask him to cover the burgers and hot dogs this year. Want to streamline the food process even more? Go for a build-your-own bar. Instead of gathering information from every guest on how she or he wants her or his burger cooked and what toppings she or he is craving, have them create their own masterpiece. Line up the toppings ahead of time to prevent mid-party flare-ups and fatigue.

Focus on Hydration


  • The Problem: Oftentimes, we only think about the food at our outdoor events with no definitive drink plan. Sure, we remember to pick up a six-pack and a bottle of champagne, but we don’t consider how guests need to stay hydrated.
  • The Solution: Remember water. Whether you choose to leave out a cooler of bottled water or fill up a beverage dispenser with ice water at a drink station, hydration is key to feeling healthy and well at the end of the day. Balancing any alcohol consumption with water can limit any detrimental health effects and can help you keep cool. Afraid no one will drink the water? Make it fancy; add fruit to your water for a healthy, low calorie, low sugar juice and soda alternative.

This summer is all about getting back outdoors to enjoy the things you love most. For too long, chronic lung disease sufferers have abandoned the great adventure of the outdoors due to the unintended side effects of summer. However, with medical advancements like cellular therapy, life may no longer be defined by lung disease, and memories can once again contain the joys of food, wine and family this summer. For more information on how cellular therapy could help you breathe easier, contact us at 888-745-6697.

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