Being Physically Active with COPD Helps the Brain

by | Oct 3, 2017 | COPD, Exercise, Lifestyle, Mental Health

Anxiety and Depression Levels Reduced with Exercise

Being diagnosed with COPD or any other lung disease can bring up a lot of anxiety and maybe even trigger depression in the person. But one thing you can do if you have COPD is be as active as possible. The benefits go beyond helping your physical health. The benefits also include reducing anxiety and depression in patients with COPD.

Exercise in any form (walking, swimming, raking leaves, tennis) has been shown to have a big effect on lung function and even slowing the progression of the disease, but a study in 2016 shows that increased physical activity reduces the risk of anxiety and depression.

The study followed more than 400 COPD patients for five years and suggested that higher levels of physical activity reduced the risk of developing anxiety by 11 percent and reduced the risk of becoming depressed by 15 percent.

The study authors concluded that, “Physical activity programs may be considered to lower the burden of mental disorders in COPD patients. Those with high physical activity are less likely to develop depression or anxiety over time.”

The researchers also noted that these findings have particular significance since mental disorders are common in patients with COPD. Depression and anxiety strike about 40 percent of COPD patients while striking less than 10 percent of the general population. A recent cross-sectional study reported that COPD patients are 85 percent more likely to develop anxiety disorders compared to healthy people of a similar age and similar geographic area.

Just a couple months ago we wrote a blog article about developing an exercise routine. The sooner you start one, the better.

If you are interested in exploring more options for COPD management, cellular therapy might be a great choice for you. Many patients experience a reduction in symptoms and improvement in the quality of life after receiving cellular therapy from the Lung Health Institute. Contact us today for more information.

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