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Planning your Trip to Nashville

19 Jan 2015
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Planning trip to Nashville

Medical Tourism in Nashville

Planning a trip to Nashville, Tennessee has never been more fun. With the Lung Institute spreading its roots to the heart of country music, a vacation to Nashville can mean a life-saving experience and the epitome of fun! As a city dedicated to an adventurer’s spirit and with a commitment to Southern hospitality, Nashville is the place to be. With all of these exciting adventures, how you will you spend your vacation?


Music: The Backbone of Nashville

Known as the Music City, Nashville—not surprisingly—offers the opportunity to delve into the musical world. As an essential stop for any Nashville first timers, the Country Music Hall of Fame is a one stop shop for all things music based. Additionally, the new Johnny Cash Museum and Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum pay tribute to all musical genres by emphasizing that Nashville is not just the birthplace of country music, but the home of many successful entertainers. Perhaps one of the most exquisite ways to soak in the heart of Nashville is at a Songwriters-In-the-Round Show. These typically feature a songwriter taking the stage only accompanied by a micro888-745-6697, a guitar and their heart for music. The Bluebird Café and other unique venues showcase the songwriter’s spectacular talents.

Art at its Finest


Music is not the only art form guests can be submerged in while in Nashville. As a city that celebrates artistic diversity, the Frist Center for the Visual Arts offers an array of masterpieces from around the world. A more intimate experience is available at The Arts Company, which strives for fresh and original exhibits by artists just emerging and by artistic legends. An added bonus: The Arts Company opens its doors Tuesday through Sunday for free.

Explore the Outdoors

While exploring the outdoors, Centennial Park is a premier location in the heart of Nashville. Aside from the innate beauty of the outdoors, Centennial Park houses Nashville’s most notable attraction—a full-scale reproduction of The Parthenon from Greece! The Parthenon features an art gallery, along with the Western world’s tallest indoor sculpture—Athena Parthenos.

For those ready to soak in the beauty of rivers, lakes, and horticultural wonder, the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art displays a diverse spread of art and botany, both indoors and outdoors.

Broadway at night in Nashville

A Tasteful Excursion

Nashville features intriguing dining venues for older guests. Arrington Vineyards provides an immersive “wine country experience” set against the splendor of the rolling hills of Tennessee. Guests can enjoy tempting wine tastings complete with artisan cheeses and chocolates.

For individuals less inclined to wine, the Jack Daniel Distillery highlights the history of whiskey during a guided tour filled with unique tastings. Located in the historical town of Lynchburg, 1800’s themed dining venues such as Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House promote a tasteful look into the history of Tennessee.

For more unique dining experiences, TripAdvisor offers a consumer-rated listing of the best restaurants in Nashville.

For additional experience recommendations in Nashville, check out the Visitor’s Bureau.

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