Plants and herbs that can help build better lungs with COPD

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Plants and herbs have been used as natural remedies for a range of illnesses for thousands of years. However, you may not believe your chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can benefit from plants or herbs. If that’s the case, it may surprise you to learn that there are many plants and herbs that can help treat COPD symptoms and help you build better lungs.

Five plants and herbs that can help COPD patients build healthier lungs

Although there are a variety of plants and herbs that can help COPD patients build healthier lungs, there are five in particular that you should consider using.


One plant that may help your lungs if you have COPD is peppermint. This plant contains a substance called menthol, and menthol has been shown to relax respiratory muscles. It also acts as an expectorant, or a substance that helps your body remove excess mucus from the lungs. Both of these properties can help you Breathe Easier™ with COPD.

Osha root

A second plant that may provide benefits for the lungs of COPD patients is osha root. This plant root is native to the Rocky Mountains of North America, and it contains camphor and other natural chemicals that may boost circulation to your lungs. The better lung circulation osha root provides may be a powerful tool for helping you breathe better.


Sage is the third plant that may help increase your lung health. This herb includes four powerful essential oils: thujone, camphor, terpene and salvene, and these essential oils have been shown to act as expectorants. They also act as natural antibacterials that may help treat or prevent secondary lung infections.


The fourth plant you should consider that may help increase the health of your COPD-ravaged lungs is thyme. Thyme contains a variety of helpful essential oils, and these oils may help fight secondary bacterial or fungal infections that can cause your COPD symptoms to worsen.

Licorice root

The fifth and final plant that may benefit your lungs if you have COPD is licorice root. This plant helps soften and cleanse mucus membranes in your throat and lungs with antibacterial and antiviral compounds. Licorice root also contains saponins that help loosen built-up mucus so it can be more easily expelled from your lungs.
Now that you know a little bit more about these five herbs, you many want to rush right out and grab them to help build up your lung health. However, it’s vital that you consult with your doctor before taking these or any other natural supplement since they may react poorly with your prescribed COPD medications.

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