Product Review: Hero Medication Dispenser

by | May 26, 2016 | Product Reviews, Resources

An exciting shift in the way we view health management.

It’s estimated that nearly 70% of all Americans are taking at least one form of medication. And for those with a chronic illness like COPD, the number of prescribed medications can be dizzying. As each medication is coupled with its own set of instructions—when to take it, how many, and with what—such a regimen can be difficult to maintain for anyone. It’s easy to imagine that this problem of mental stocktaking is only made worse when the prescribed individual experiences cognitive impairment from Alzheimer’s, dementia or simply old age.

When missing or overtaking a medication could land you in the emergency room, it’s critical to have a system in place to manage your health and take medication only as directed. However, it seems that system may be here, and its name is HERO.

With your health in mind, the Lung Health Institute is here to break down the HERO Medication Dispenser, and explain how it may just change the way we view managing our medication moving forward.

OverviewProduct Review: Hero Medication Dispenser

So what is it?

The HERO health medication dispenser is an electronic pill organizer and dispenser that is fundamentally “smart” in every way. The term “smart” in this case means the unit itself works in conjunction with an application (app) that is tied to your phone, tablet or computer, allowing the unit to be monitored even when you’re not around. This is a critical feature for caregivers who need to make sure their patients or loved ones are taking their medications on time and as directed.

Unit Specifications

Product Review: Hero Medication Dispenser

So let’s get right down to it: what are the specifications of this machine?

Designed to resemble a coffee maker, the HERO medication dispenser weighs only 10lbs and is made to integrate seamlessly into the life of yourself or the people you love. Powered by a single outlet plug, the HERO medication dispenser is purposefully positioned to be appliance-sized and kitchen friendly.


When it comes to the health and medication management of people with a chronic illness or a memory impairment, safeguards are key to ensuring the safety of those prescribed. For starters, the HERO medication dispenser will not release medication until the touch button is pressed. Since the app has built-in systems that adhere to HIPPA compliance, the HERO medication dispenser also has a specialized key for use to open the dispenser if the power were to go out.

Standing Against Its Competitors

In the world of pill dispensers, there are few alternatives that hold up to the capability of the HERO medication dispenser. From generic dollar store pill boxes, labeled Monday to Sunday, to electronically timed dispenser disks, the HERO is in a category all on its own in regards to capability and engineering. Aside from its primary task of pill dispensing, the HERO works to uplift the audience it serves by creating an online community, allowing users to connect with others living with similar medications and health issues.

Final Verdict

Product Review: Hero Medication Dispenser

Combining functionality and peace of mind, the HERO medication dispenser is a unique and critical appliance for health management, particularly for caregivers of people with a chronic illness or memory impairment. Although higher in price than analog and simple electronic pill dispensers, as we have all experienced in our lives (whether ourselves, family or loved ones), you cannot put a price on good health. Lucky for us, the HERO has arrived.

Time can be a factor in any decision, particularly for those suffering from chronic lung disease. If you’re looking to take a more active approach to your health, HERO may be a good option for you. If you or a loved one suffers from a chronic disease like COPD, emphysema symptoms, pneumoconiosis or other symptoms of lung disease, the Lung Health Institute may be able to help with a variety of adult cellular therapy options. Wondering how does cellular therapy work? Contact us at 888-745-6697 today for more info and to find out if you qualify for cellular therapy.

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