Regenerative Medicine: How Cellular Therapy Works

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If you’re a patient suffering from a chronic lung disease, you may have heard the term regenerative medicine. However, you may not know exactly what this term means. The Lung Health Institute reveals what regenerative medicine is and the steps involved in our own regenerative treatment: cellular therapy.

Cellular Therapy at Lung Health Institute Is Regenerative Medicine

Our health care team at the Lung Health Institute knows regenerative medicine may be a new concept for many lung disease patients. However, we also know that this type of treatment may benefit patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic lung diseases.

Regenerative medicine is a term that describes treatment methods that are being used to treat chronic lung diseases. These treatments typically use autologous cells, or stem cells, to promote healing in your lung tissues. One great feature of regenerative treatments is that they’re all natural. In fact, the cells used in the treatments come from your very own body. This means that it’s unlikely that you’ll have an adverse reaction to the treatment, which is always a concern with other forms of treatment such as drugs.

At Lung Health Institute, our health care team is committed to helping you find the regenerative medicine that may help your chronic lung condition. This is why we offer a type of regenerative medicine that we call cellular therapy, which is a 5-step treatment. The first step of cellular therapy involves the placement of an IV and taking a small blood sample. Next, our clinicians separate the regenerative cells from your blood, and then the cells are returned to your body through your IV.

Once the cells are returned to your body, they’re pumped through your circulatory system until they reach your heart. Finally, your heart pumps the cells directly to an area of the lungs known as the pulmonary trap where they may help reduce lung tissue inflammation and promote healing.

Lung Health Institute Is Ready to Help You Find Ways to Breathe Easier™

The ultimate goal of regenerative medicine treatments like cellular therapy from Lung Health Institute is to potentially help you Breathe Easier. Our cellular therapy may help you achieve this goal because it may help reduce inflammation in your lungs and may even help increase lung tissue healing.

Another treatment option that we offer includes our 3 Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™, or AI2™, plans. These plans provide tips about lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise habits and sleep habits that may help your body deal with COPD more effectively. For instance, these plans may help boost your immune system and help your body learn how to turn fats into inflammation-fighting fuel.

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