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Senior Citizens’ Day

19 Aug 2015
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Senior Citizens' Day

Senior Citizens’ Day

Another year passes and we cannot thank them enough. All of their accomplishments and achievements have impacted the way we live. Their life journey has benefited many by providing knowledge filled with lessons and inspiration. They are the reason our world is advancing, and today we celebrate.

The History

26 years ago President Ronald Reagan and U.S Congress declared National Senior Citizens’ Day on August 21st. The motive behind establishing this day was to recognize the positive contributions senior citizens have made in their communities. This day was also created to bring awareness of social, health and economics issues that affect senior citizens.

What can you do to celebrate?

A quick hug, chat, or a couple hours of connecting with senior citizens can make all the difference. Whether it’s your grandparents, parents, an aunt, uncle or family friend, celebrating this day can have a lasting impact. According to the administration on aging, 28 percent of adults over 65 live alone. For women aged 75 or older, the percentage rises to 48 percent. Without a steady social life, there is an increased likelihood of depression and other mental health issues. The University of British Columbia performed a study that revealed even a quick friendly conversation with a stranger can increase their happiness for the day. Allowing time to meaningful contact can easily turn a person’s day around.

Another important issue is a senior citizen’s physical health when living alone. As our senior citizens get older, daily tasks such as getting in and out of bed, walking and performing normal house chores can become more dangerous. Creating time to help and removing obstacles is important to make sure they are safely getting through their everyday routine.

Make it fun

Although many senior citizens do not have the capability of getting around as easily as they used to, there are still plenty of fun activities that they can participate in. Taking them to see a new movie, enjoying a nice lunch, coffee or ice cream can be a lot of fun. If getting out of the house is an issue, then playing board games, baking or watching a movie on Netflix together can brighten up their day. Remember it’s the little things that end up being the most valuable. Even a small reminder that they are important to us, or an acknowledgement of their impact on others, can be the most memorable.

The Lung Institute recognizes the importance of Senior Citizens’ Day. We highly believe and encourage you to make the senior citizens in your life feel special every day, but especially this one. Every day we help patients with lung disease reach their goal of having a better quality of life. To date we have treated over 1000 people using cellular therapy. Contact us by calling 888-745-6697 to speak with a patient coordinator about how cellular therapy may be an option for you.

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