Shaun's Journey with Pulmonary Fibrosis

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Shaun G. was content to spend time with his wife and daughter in their Virginia Beach, Virginia, home. Unfortunately, life would become much more difficult for Shaun and his family when he was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.  

Life Before Lung Health Institute Treatment

Several years ago, Shaun began having trouble breathing, and he says, “I started having issues coughing and having difficulty catching my breath.” These issues were a result of his pulmonary fibrosis, and they began to affect him in a variety of ways.
For instance, Shaun could no longer take long walks or walk up stairs without stopping to catch his breath. Doing chores around the house became something he avoided. He even had trouble falling asleep because of popping sounds in his lungs, and Shaun’s pulmonologist recommended that he go on supplemental oxygen.

Life After Lung Health Institute Treatment

Shaun began looking for an alternative to the treatments he was using, and he found the Lung Health Institute website. After looking over the online materials and talking to a patient coordinator, he decided to have cellular therapy performed in September 2017. By mid-October, Shaun noticed that his condition had improved in several ways.
For one thing, his primary care doctor was shocked to discover that Shaun performed 10% better on his pulmonary function test after the treatment. He is also able to mow the grass and do other household chores he had started avoiding because of his breathing issues. Furthermore, Shaun is now able to take his prescribed medications on an as-needed basis instead of relying on them every day. He was even able to keep up with his wife and daughter with no problem on a recent trip to Universal Studios. In fact, Shaun says, “I didn’t have to stop or slow down the pace.”
Find Out More About Treatment Options Offered at Lung Health Institute
Our health care team is dedicated to helping patients with chronic lung disease find supplemental treatment options. For instance, we offer 3 Anti-Inflammatory Initiative, or AI2™, plans.
These plans are designed to offer several benefits to chronic lung disease patients. One of the intended benefits of our AI2 plans is naturally boosting your immune system, which can help you better protect yourself against secondary infections that cause symptoms to worsen. AI2 plans are also intended to help train your body to use fats as fuel to fight inflammation.
Another treatment option we offer is cellular therapy. This is a minimally invasive procedure, and it uses concentrated platelets and cells from your body to target lung disease. These platelets release healing properties that, when combined with growth factors, proteins and other helpful cells, may promote healing in damaged tissue and reduce inflammation in your lungs.
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