Sleep and the AI2™: Tips for Getting Through Week 1

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One of the biggest benefits of becoming fat-adapted is you may be able to sleep better. Getting better sleep can be especially helpful for you if you have a chronic lung disease. The Lung Health Institute offers three Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ plans that may help your body become fat-adapted and get better sleep, too. However, you may have difficulty sleeping during the first week as your body becomes fat-adapted, so our team offers you some tips to help you get through your first week on an AI2™ plan.

Tips to help you sleep during AI2™ plan week one

Sleep is very important for your body for many reasons. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t place the value they should on getting enough sleep. We’re trained to work longer and harder, even if that means getting fewer hours of sleep every night. This attitude is something that you can’t afford if you have a chronic lung condition, such as COPD. For one thing, your body does a lot of its healing while you sleep, and this is very important for you as a lung disease patient. One way that the Lung Health Institute can help you get the sleep that you need is by helping you become fat-adapted with our AI2 plans.
One thing that you do need to be aware of, however, is that you may have a more difficult time sleeping during the first week you’re on an AI2 plan. This difficulty sleeping is due to the fact that your body must become fat-adapted. What this means is that you want to take some precautions during your first week on an AI2 plan. For instance, you may want to clear your schedule a bit more than usual. Since you may have less energy during your first week on these plans, you shouldn’t try to do too much. In fact, you should shoot for doing significantly less than you would during a normal week.
Another tip that you may want to consider is trying to go to bed earlier than you normally would. Even going to bed 20 or 30 minutes earlier could make a significant difference. Some other tips that may help you get to sleep during this first week are taking some magnesium before bed and not using your electronic devices in the hour before you go to sleep. By using these tips, you may be able to minimize your sleep loss during your first week on an AI2 plan and get to the better sleep that being fat-adapted provides you with more rapidly.

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Our team at the Lung Health Institute is dedicated to helping you find natural ways to treat your lung condition. In fact, we’ve developed a variety of tools that can help you treat your lung disease naturally. Some of these tools include our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ plans and cellular therapy. Our three Anti-Inflammatory Initiative, or AI2, plans focus on getting your body fat-adapted with anti-inflammatory diet tips and recipes as well as helpful supplements. Cellular therapy, on the other hand, involves using your body’s own disease and inflammation-fighting cells in ways which may help calm your lung tissue inflammation naturally. For more information about the natural treatments we offer, contact the Lung Health Institute to schedule your free consultation now.

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