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Springtime Nashville Events and Activities

26 Feb 2015
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Springtime Nashville Events and Activities

What’s happening in Nashville?

As many people know, Nashville is known as the Music City. Many musicians call Nashville home, and dozens of major record studios have placed their offices in the city. In addition to all recording industry in Nashville, there is also a vibrant culture of live music. During a trip to middle Tennessee, consider these springtime Nashville events and activities that include some concerts and musical shows.

Everyone is Irish in March

The month of March is synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, the annual celebration of the patron saint of the Irish. Although some have used this holiday as excuse to eat Irish food and drink Guinness beer, most dive head first into activities that showcase Irish culture. In Nashville, one of the largest annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations is the Music City Irish Fest on March 14. This event is billed as the “biggest, baddest St. Patrick’s Day celebration on this side of the Mason-Dixon line.”

This year’s Music City Irish Fest includes both musical performances and Irish-themed activities like arts and crafts booths, imports available for purchase, and of course, plenty of Irish food and beer.  The vendors listed for this year’s fest include:

  • Burke Whistles: As one of the best whistle makers in the world, this is a great place to pick up a penny whistle, the traditional instrument in Irish music.
  • The Griffin Works Leather: Need a full suit of leather armor to match your Celtic warrior getup?
  • Tourism Ireland: Thanking about a trip to the Emerald Isle? Tourism Ireland can help you plan a visit to the land of river dancing and castles.
  • Celtic Ranch: If you’re looking for a utility kilt or a fancier dress kilt, this supplier has many options for you to choose from.

Obviously, live music will be a huge component of the Music City Irish Fest. Here are some of the groups and musicians you can expect to see on stage:

  • Nashville Pipes and Drums: Jam out with this multi-piece ensemble while they play drums and Irish war pipes.
  • The Willis Clan: With over 5.5 million views on their YouTube channel, this internationally recognized family of musicians will not disappoint you.
  • Red Hot Chili Pipers: Not to be confused with the rock band with a similar sounding name, these chilies are known as the most popular bag pipe band on the planet.

No matter what your own personal heritage is, we are all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. If you live in Nashville, you have a great opportunity to celebrate the Irish culture with food, music and entertainment. Such celebrating may be difficult to enjoy when a lung disease keeps you from breathing easy. If you suffer from a lung disease like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the Lung Institute may be able to help. Contact us at 888-745-6697 to learn more about cellular therapy for lung disease.



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