Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation

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Our experienced physicians with Lung Health Institute presented compelling findings at the 7th Annual International Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation this weekend. Jack Coleman Jr., M.D., FACS and Melissa Rubio, Ph.D., APRN addressed the need for new, comprehensive approaches to treating Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) at the world’s largest medical and scientific conference specific to regenerative rehabilitation.
The abstract, “Combining Traditional Medicine, Regenerative Treatment and Current Technology to Optimize Care of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),” shows the potential for  the effectiveness of combining multiple methods of treatment: conventional therapy, regenerative therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation through the Lift Pulmonary Rehab© program, an online, low cost, home-based pulmonary rehabilitation program available via smartphone, tablet or computer. The exciting findings from their research include:

  • Regenerative treatment is shown to be effective in improving the severity of lung obstruction and quality of life in patients: In fact, a retrospective study of 400 patients that underwent the autologous cellular therapy, 56% had an improvement in their Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second (FEV1). FEV1 is a direct reflection of the severity of obstruction and is the standard for determining a patient’s COPD GOLD (Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease) Stage. Additionally, results of a patient-reported questionnaire showed that 77% of patients reported improved quality of life after 3 months.
  • Guided pulmonary rehabilitation using technology is a successful method of engaging patients with COPD: Two prospective studies of patients participating in the online program of daily classes of physical activity, there was a 142% improvement in exercise capacity. There was also a 37% improvement in quality of life reported.

COPD is a prevalent issue in the United States and beyond. As many as 210 million patients currently are diagnosed with the disease across the globe, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it will be the third leading cause of death worldwide by 2020. This fact, combined with the results from Dr. Coleman and Dr. Rubio’s studies, supports the need for an integrated approach that combines traditional medicine, regenerative treatment, and current communications technology for the overall treatment of COPD.
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