The best drink options for COPD patients

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Staying hydrated is important for every person. However, the Lung Health Institute health care team knows that it’s particularly important for COPD patients. In fact, one whole section of our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™, or AI2™, plans is dedicated to helping you find the best drink options for your COPD.

Beverages you shouldn’t drink if you have COPD

When you have COPD, there are some drinks that you want to avoid. Drinks that are high in sugar are at the top of this list. Sugar isn’t good for COPD patients in general because it typically causes increased inflammation in your body. Many of the common drink options are therefore a problem for you because they contain lots of sugar. These drink options include beverages such as juice, soda and alcohol.

Your best drink options if you have COPD

In addition to drink options you should avoid, Lung Health Institute AI2 plans also provide information about the best drink options for COPD patients. Water is one of the absolute best drink options included in the AI2 plans. You can drink plain water, or you can drink flavored seltzer or fruit-infused water, too. Just make sure that your water doesn’t have any added sweeteners.
Tea is another of the drink options the LHI AI2 plans recommend. Black, green or herbal teas are all fine for you to drink, but as with your water, make sure they’re unsweetened. Teas are especially good options for COPD patients who are used to drinking lots of caffeine every day. Another caffeinated drink option the plan includes is coffee. However, you may need to get used to heavy cream or butter in your coffee instead of milk or flavored coffee creamers, and you’ll definitely have to get used to drinking it without sugar.
By choosing from these good drink options, you may be able to stay hydrated, thin the mucus in your lungs and reduce your lung tissue inflammation.

Other ways Lung Health Institute AI2 plans may help your COPD

The health care team at the Lung Health Institute has included the best drink options for COPD patients in our AI2 plans. However, there are other ways that these plans may be able to help you. For instance, the dietary tips included in them may help your body begin using fats to fight your lung tissue inflammation. The AI2 plans even incorporate tips that may help you boost your immune system, which may help to prevent the worsening of your COPD symptoms from secondary infections. Contact our health care team today for more information or to schedule an initial consultation.

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