The Best Supplements to Reduce Inflammation

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Amanda Maucere, Blog, Diet And Nutrition, Respiratory Lifestyle, Tips

If you have a chronic lung disease, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
(COPD), you may be aware of many tools that may help you reduce lung tissue inflammation. However, there’s one tool you may not have ever considered. Nutritional supplements are helpful tools that are often overlooked in the fight against inflammation.

The six best supplements to reduce inflammation

When you think about nutritional supplements, you may only consider options like a daily multivitamin. While these may have some value for the average person, you may need something more targeted if you have a chronic lung condition. Two areas where supplements may be especially helpful for you are in supporting your gut health and immune system.
There aren’t many people who truly appreciate how connected your gut and immune system are, and this connection is especially strong when it comes to fighting lung inflammation. Your gut is a very important structure for your body as a whole because it helps to digest the food you eat. The process of digestion that takes place in your gut is what allows your body to get all the fuel it needs.
However, if your gut isn’t healthy, it may have a harder time breaking down your food into the nutrients your body requires, which decreases your body’s ability to deal with chronic lung disease. On the other hand, a healthy gut ensures your immune system has the fuel it needs to fight dangerous secondary infections. It also helps your immune system get the energy it needs to run your body’s natural anti-inflammation processes.
For both gut health and proper immune system function, supplements can play a critical role. There are six specific supplements that may be the best supplements to reduce inflammation, and these six supplements include:

  • GI Recovery
  • NAC Defense
  • Complete Omega 900
  • Pure Probiotic
  • DigestZyme Complete
  • Detoxifying Gut Enhancement

If you add these six supplements to your daily routine, you may benefit by improving your gut health, strengthening your immune system and reducing your lung inflammation.

The Lung Health Institute wants to help you get the best supplements for inflammation

Our health care team at the Lung Health Institute realizes supplements can be important for chronic lung disease patients who are trying to reduce inflammation. For this reason, we’ve created three Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ plans that include six of the best supplements for inflammation. When combined with the dietary guidelines and other features of these plans, the supplements we recommend may help you improve your gut health and immune system function, which may help you fight inflammation.
Are you ready to learn all about the three levels of our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative plans? Contact one of our patient coordinators today for more information.

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