The Future of Regenerative Medicine

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In recent years, regenerative medicine has taken great strides to redefine how patients receive medical treatments for chronic diseases that are believed to be incurable.

Lung Health Institute is a primary player in the push to drive the field into the public eye. Our cellular therapy helps promote healthy lung tissue and reduce airway inflammation in patients who suffer from chronic lung disease. This innovative treatment uses platelet-rich plasma-platelet concentrate (PRP-PC), which has the potential to slow the progression of the disease and help our patients maintain a better quality of life.

As the field of regenerative medicine continues to grow and change, health care practitioners who want to ensure their patients receive the latest and best possible care should have 2 priorities in mind: research and collaboration.

Clinical Research Studies

Ongoing clinical research is critical to deepen our understanding of how we can use regenerative medicine most effectively to treat chronic, incurable diseases. At Lung Health Institute, we are actively researching the effects of cellular therapy on patients with chronic lung disease. More than 5,800 patients have received cellular therapy at our clinics, and we collect data on outcomes from all patients we treat. 

Melissa Rubio, APRN, leads research efforts at Lung Health Institute. She has been published in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine and Journal for Nurse Practitioners. In partnership with our senior medical director Dr. Jack Coleman Jr., Rubio presented research findings at the Mayo Clinic Symposium on Regenerative Medicine & Surgery in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2018. The study evaluated more than 2,500 chronic lung disease patients who received cellular therapy. Results revealed that 3 months after treatment, 56% showed improvement in pulmonary function, and 70% reported improvements in quality of life. 

Since the Mayo Clinic Symposium, we have continued to research cellular therapy, to ensure we are providing the most effective treatments to our patients. In August of this year, Rubio published results from her most recent study about cellular therapy in the Journal of Clinical Research and Medicine. The study evaluated more than 3,000 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), interstitial lung disease (ILD) or pulmonary fibrosis (PF) who received cellular therapy. Patients were asked to fill out a Clinical COPD Questionnaire evaluating patient perspective at 3 months. Results showed that 91.6% of COPD patients reported positive outcomes at 3 months* and 88% of ILD and PF patients reported positive outcomes at 3 months.*  

Collaboration With Others in the Field

Leaders in regenerative medicine need to collaborate with others in the field — including suppliers, medical practitioners, researchers, lawmakers and patients — to advance our existing knowledge. At Lung Health Institute, our company leaders and health care providers regularly attend workshops and industry conferences to share ideas with our colleagues in the field.

Our Chief Operating Officer Ann Miller recently joined other regenerative medicine leaders at a standards development workshop hosted by the Standards Coordinating Body for Regenerative Medicine. The purpose of this workshop was to discuss current standards for regenerative medicine products and how to improve these standards to ensure that only safe, quality treatments are being given to patients. 

Looking Toward the Future of Regenerative Medicine

As we look toward the future, Lung Health Institute will continue to be a leader in regenerative medicine. Our company leaders and health care team are always working to ensure that we are administering the most effective treatments and providing the best patient care. 

If you are currently suffering from chronic lung disease, consider cellular therapy at Lung Health Institute. Our treatment addresses the root cause of lung disease: chronic airway inflammation. With less inflammation, our patients have the potential to Breathe Easier™, experience fewer symptoms and meaningfully improve their long-term quality of life. We have several treatment plans available, and we offer free consultations to patients who want more information. To start your journey with Lung Health Institute, contact one of our patient coordinators today.

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