The Number 1 Reason Fish Oil Makes Sense for Lung Patients

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Amanda Maucere, Blog, Diet And Nutrition

You may have heard about the benefits of fish oil, but you may not have connected these benefits with improving your quality of life as a lung patient. However, high-quality fish oil supplements like Complete Omega 900 may be able to help with just that.

How Omega 900 Fish Oil Supplements May Help You as a Lung Patient

The biggest issue caused by most lung conditions when it comes to the way they negatively affect your quality of life is inflammation. Inflammation is one of the primary factors that makes it harder for you to breathe because it reduces the size of the passages in your lungs.
Additionally, this negative lung condition symptom may also lead to further damage being done to your lung tissues if left unchecked. One way that you can help your body fight the inflammation produced by your lung condition is with fish oil supplements. These supplements contain eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which is an omega-3 fatty acid that has been shown in clinical studies to reduce inflammation in the body.
If you’re looking for a high-quality fish oil supplement to help you fight your lung inflammation, the Complete Omega 900 supplement is a great choice for you. In fact, this supplement has a variety of features that allow it to provide you with more significant benefits than other fish oil supplements, including the fact that:

  • It’s International Fish Oil Standards certified to ensure the highest levels of purity, stability and potency
  • Each dose contains 515 mg of inflammation-fighting EPA
  • It comes in soft gels with a coating that makes them easier to swallow and easier for your body to absorb

Thanks to all of these features, the Complete Omega 900 fish oil supplement may be able to help you more effectively fight inflammation in your lungs and improve your daily quality of life.

Complete Omega 900 Fish Oil is Now a Part of Anti-Inflammatory Initiative (AI2) Plans

At the Lung Health Institute, our team is always searching for ways to help you improve your quality of life when you’re dealing with a lung condition. One of the ways that we’ve come up with to help you fight inflammation on a daily basis is our anti-inflammatory initiative plans.
These plans contain helpful information about good nutrition for lung patients, helpful supplements and other beneficial tools and tips, and now these plans are even better thanks to their inclusion of the Complete Omega 900 fish oil supplement.
Contact the helpful patient coordinators at the Lung Health Institute now to learn more about our anti-inflammatory initiative (AI2) plans, the supplements they include and other services that we offer for lung patients.

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