“This Has Been the Best Experience of My Life!” — A Testimonial About COPD Treatment

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Marie H. only needed one week to decide that she wanted to undergo the cellular therapy treatment at The Lung Health Institute. Since that first treatment, she’s seen nothing but positive results in regards to her COPD condition. Now, she’s on a mission to share her testimonial with every person she meets. She’s even taken to social media to post weekly results about her recovery and newfound health since her initial cellular therapy treatment.

Marie’s life with COPD

As a smoker for 45 years, Marie had developed a serious lung condition. Her doctors diagnosed her with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and she found herself tied to an oxygen machine and unable to do the things in life she used to enjoy.
Prior to her cellular therapy treatment at The Lung Health Institute, Marie was taking eight medications a day and couldn’t even walk to the mailbox from her front door without her oxygen tank. She describes getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom as such an ordeal with her oxygen machine; everything centered around her inability to breathe clearly.

How she took back her quality of life with cellular therapy treatment

Now, after she has received treatment from The Lung Health Institute, she has been able to restore parts of her quality of life that she had previously lost to COPD. She went from eight medications each day to just one. The color in her skin has returned to a healthy shade, and the swelling in her legs has gone down — all because her body is getting the oxygen it needs to function.
Before her treatment, Marie couldn’t do anything without her oxygen tank. Now, she’s able to shop, do household chores and walk the dog without her oxygen treatment. The cellular therapy treatment at The Lung Health Institute has given Marie her life back, and she’s ready to share her story with the world!
“It amazes me how many people want to have this [treatment] done, but they don’t know if it works or if they want to spend the money – but now they know that this does work because they have seen my results,” she says. “This has been the best experience of my life!”

It’s time for you to Breathe Easier

If you have been diagnosed with COPD or another chronic lung condition, and you are ready to regain your quality of life like Marie did, contact one of our dedicated Patient Coordinators today and learn more about the cellular therapy treatment we offer.

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