Tips for Emphysema Prevention

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Emphysema is a form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) that causes shortness of breath. Emphysema grows worse over time, causing more symptoms and eventually leading to respiratory failure or heart failure. Treatment for emphysema can help slow its progression and control its symptoms, but there is no cure for the disease.
Since emphysema cannot be cured, the best treatment is prevention. Most cases of emphysema are due to exposure to irritants in the air and from cigarette smoke.
Some people can develop emphysema due to a rare genetic deficiency of the Alpha-1 protein. This protein is used by your cells to help build healthy lung tissue. Without it, your lungs can be damaged more easily.
For the majority of people who do not have an Alpha-1 deficiency though, you should follow these tips to lower your risk for emphysema.

Tips for preventing emphysema

  1. Quit smoking — People who smoke are at a very high risk for developing emphysema. By quitting now (or never smoking in the first place), you can significantly reduce your risk for the disease. Also, you should avoid being around secondhand smoke because it can irritate your lungs.
  2. Lower your exposure to irritants in the air — Limit your exposure to environments with lots of dust, silica, cotton and wood fibers, chemical fumes and air pollution. Wear proper safety equipment and follow safety procedures if you work in one of these kinds of environments to lower your risk for emphysema.
  3. Get a lung screening — Visit a health care professional for a lung screening if you’re at risk for COPD. A lung screening can catch early signs of the disease so you can help take steps to prevent it from developing or treat it early on if it already has developed.

Contact the Lung Health Institute for emphysema treatment

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