Top 3 Air Quality Vacation Spots

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Top 3 Air Quality Vacation Spots

Whether you suffer from lung disease or not, vacationing in places with clean air is clearly beneficial. Some places have cleaner air than others, and here are three locations where you can take a deep breath with pleasure and peace of mind.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

iStock_000054980996_DoublePopulation: 188,210
Popular for both its art galleries and clean air, it may come as no surprise that Santa Fe artist Robin Gay Wakeland recently unveiled a sculpture that measures particulate air pollution. With more than 1.5 million acres of national forest, Santa Fe’s growing population cares about air quality. Santa Fe is one of only 20 U.S. cities the American Lung Association (ALA) reports as having consistently safe ozone levels. The ALA gave Santa Fe top marks in its annual State of the Air report, citing low smog and pollution levels. This scenic town also happens to be a fascinating place with a rich history, burgeoning dining scene, and more than 300 sunny days each year. Taste the delicious local fare that made Southwestern cuisine internationally famous, watch a rodeo, and enjoy a breathtaking desert sunset in a pure atmosphere that won’t leave you short of breath.

Honolulu, Hawaii

iStock_000056339744_Large (1)Population: 907,574
Honolulu is a well-known and popular vacation destination, and it can be a vacation for the lungs as well. Honolulu, thanks to the isolated position of the Hawaiian Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, remains generally safe from the long-range transport of pollution and has some of the nation’s lowest levels of both ozone and particulates. (Ozone is a beneficial part of the planet’s high atmosphere, but is a pollutant at ground level. Particulates are irritants that can also damage the lungs.) Though particles resulting from burning coal can travel great distances, few are likely to reach Honolulu, situated some 2,000 miles off mainland North America. Sip coconut water from the shell or pure Kona coffee while enjoying clean, salty Pacific breezes.

Port St. Lucie, Florida

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Situated in Florida’s “Treasure Coast,” Port St. Lucie is an area replete with pirate history (including actual sunken treasure a stone’s throw off the coast), beautiful beaches, and sunny skies. It also scores in the top 5 American cities on the 2012 ALA State of the Air report. Martin County’s long history as a citrus production center, as well as the area’s reliance on nuclear power, have kept polluting industries away from this area’s pristine beaches. Stick your toes in the sand, enjoy the freshest possible seafood, and enjoy a lungful of some of the world’s freshest air.

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