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Top 5 Apps to Fight Lung Disease

11 Jan 2016
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Top 5 Apps to Fight Lung Disease

Top 5 Apps to Fight Lung Disease

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when dealing with lung disease. Depending on the condition, the symptoms can make a person feel trapped in their own skin, worried about triggering symptom flair-ups. But fear not, thanks to technological advancements, smartphones and smartphone applications, or “apps”, can be used to help your body, mood, and mind. Here are the Top 5 Apps to Fight Lung Disease.

Each app is free to download, unless mentioned below.


Smartphone Platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows.


There is no universal set of directions to follow when dealing with lung disease. Based on the health of the lung disease sufferer, losing, gaining, or maintaining weight may be required to help ease symptoms. For those looking for an assist in meeting their weight goals, try MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal is a calorie counting app which tells you how many calories are in the food you eat and tells you how close you are to your daily calorie limits. One of the best features is a barcode scanner which will look up the food item’s calories per serving and add them to your totals.

GOLD COPD Strategy

Smartphone Platform: iTunes.

Price: $5.99


Knowledge is power, and the more you can learn about your disease, the better you can be prepared to prevent flair-ups and other symptoms. The Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) has created a user-friendly app including interactive charts and tables. Other GOLD elements included in the app are the COPD Assessment Test (CAT) and the MRC (Medical Research Council) Breathless Scale.


Smartphone Platform: iPhone.


Most people are aware of the toll lung disease can be on a person’s quality of life, but there’s a psychological toll as well. Lung disease sufferers commonly deal with psychological challenges, such as depression, fear, and a sense of helplessness. One of the best ways to combat those feelings is to practice gratitude and keep a gratitude journal. Happier is a digital version of the gratitude journal—a social media app where people share their gratitude journal posts similarly to how people share Facebook posts. It’s a way to remind you you’re not alone and people are there for you.

C25K – Free

Smartphone Platforms: iPhone, Android.


No matter the severity of lung disease symptoms, it’s always important to find ways to keep exercising. designed to get the user off the couch and gradually prepared to run, jog, or walk longer distances.


Smartphone Platform: iPhone, Android.

In an effort to avoid symptom flair-ups, people can easily retreat to the couch or recliner, watching TV to feel safe. This can lead to a lack of mental stimulation and lower cognitive function. A decline in cognitive function can lead to a decrease of memory, recall, concentration and other mental functions. One way to stay sharp is by playing memory and attention games, such as crossword or jigsaw puzzles. Lumosity features a mix of cognitive games which challenge the brain and help keep it sharp.

Though there is no cure for lung disease, there are many ways to fight back and gain control of your life. Whether it’s by lifestyle modification though the use of smartphone apps or by more traditional methods, there are several strategies out there. One of those strategies could be If you or a loved one has lung disease and would like to know more about stem cell therapy, contact us at  if you qualify.

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