Traditional Treatment Options vs. Cellular Treatment Therapy

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Traditional Treatment Options vs. Cellular Therapy

When you live with a condition such as chronic lung disease, deciding on the best treatment options for you can be frustrating. Everyone is unique, and medical conditions affect people in different ways, so knowing what to try and what to avoid is an often-stressful challenge. Several traditional treatment options exist for people with COPD and other chronic lung diseases, and alternative treatments for COPD—such as cellular therapy—are available as well. Here are some considerations for choosing between Traditional Treatment Options vs. Cellular Therapy.

Traditional Treatment Options

Traditional treatment options for people with COPD include medications, inhalers, supplemental oxygen, and in severe cases, lung reduction or transplant. While these options can extend one’s lifespan, they treat only the symptoms of the condition, not the condition itself. According to the National Institutes of Health, about 78 percent of patients survive the first year after receiving a lung transplant, and this percentage decreases with each following year. About 63 percent survive 3 years after surgery, and about 51 percent make it to 5 years.

For people with moderate to severe COPD, many doctors prescribe additional therapies such as oxygen therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation to help their patients. Oxygen therapy helps people with COPD to receive sufficient oxygen. Pulmonary rehabilitation programs combine exercise, education and support to help people learn to breathe and function at the highest level possible.

Traditional Treatment Options vs. Cellular Therapy

Cellular Therapy

The Lung Health Institute also offers alternative treatments for COPD through cellular therapy. Highly trained Lung Health Institute medical professionals extract the patient’s cells from blood, and then separate the cells and return them to the patient. Once in circulation, the cells can begin to promote the healing of lung tissue, which can potentially improve lung function.

How to Learn More about Cellular Therapy

The Lung Health Institute is happy to answer your questions. With clinics nationwide, we are here to help you along the way on your journey to breathing more easily. Now that you have information about traditional treatment options vs. cellular therapy, you can work with your doctors to develop a treatment plan that is right for you. For more information about cellular therapy at the Lung Health Institute, how cellular therapy can be used to battle lung disease and how you could improve your quality of life, feel free to contact us today at 888-745-6697.

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