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Treatment of COPD without Drugs: A 5-Step Guide to More Natural Health

12 Aug 2016
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Treatment of COPD without Drugs: A 5-Step Guide to More Natural Health

The best things in life come naturally. It’s time for the treatment of COPD without drugs.

In recent years, it seems as though America has rediscovered the importance and quality of natural products. Whether it’s the foods we eat or the goods we buy, we appear to be stepping away from a culture of artificial this or chemically preserved that. In this sense, health and longevity have taken the forefront of our national consciousness, and the treatment of chronic diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema is no different.

With your health in mind, the Lung Institute is here to present a simplified program for the Treatment of COPD Without Drugs: A 5-Step Guide to More Natural Health.

5. Quitting Smoking for the Treatment of COPD Without Drugs

Quitting smoking should be the first item on any to-do list for the treatment of COPD without drugs. As we’ve previously mentioned, smoking is one of the worst—yet preventable—choices you can make in regards to your health. Not only does smoking actively harm you, but ultimately it reduces your lifespan. If you’re looking to dramatically improve your health for the treatment of COPD without drugs, quitting smoking is one of the most significant things you can do to stop the damage and allow your body to begin healing again.

4. Change Your Diet

For those who suffering from a chronic lung disease, shifting weights can be an unfortunate norm. Among those who are overweight, weight-loss can be difficult when mobility is challenged by constant fatigue and breathlessness. Within those that are underweight, chronic lung disease and the pursed, rapid breathing associated with it, is known to actively burn calories. Despite these challenging conditions, the body needs fuel throughout the day and an adequate intake of vitamins and nutrients in order to thrive and properly repair itself. Make a list of what’s missing in your diet, and do the best you can to fit them in.

3. Get up and Exercise

Aside from dieting, exercise is a close second for the greater health of your body and lungs. Through exercise not only is it possible to increase your lung capacity, but also give your lungs and body a bit of added resilience within your day-to-day. Very few people enjoy working out. It’s tiring. But the benefits to your health are incredible, and in this case, can be potentially life-changing. Even gentle exercise like walking and Tai chi can greatly improve your health. So, get up and exercise for the treatment of COPD without drugs.

Treatment of COPD without Drugs: A 5-Step Guide to More Natural Health

2. Increase The Oxygen Around You

After taking care of your body, it’s time to focus on your environment, particularly the amount of oxygen available around you. First, let’s start by purifying the air around you. Many homes contain sources of mold, dander or other airborne particulates that can be harmful and aggravating for those who suffer from chronic lung disease. By using natural filters such as salt lamps and charcoal, it’s possible to better clean the air, making it a friendlier environment with fewer causes for exacerbations. Next, increase the oxygen around you by adding plants. Plants are remarkable for their ability to take in the CO2 we put out (your breath is CO2) and emit oxygen. By increasing the oxygen within your home, you can more actively control your environment and your quality of life.

1. Consider Stem Cell Therapy

For many suffering from chronic lung disease, sometimes traditional drugs and medicine just aren’t enough. Sure, they may be able to help alleviate symptoms temporarily, but these drugs aren’t without their side-effects. The symptoms will always come back, even continuing to worsen over time. However, the science of stem cell therapy is unique for its ideal mix of breakthrough science and natural healing from within. As stem cells serve as the natural building blocks of the body, by removing them from the body’s blood or bone marrow, and reintroducing them into damaged areas of the body, in this case the lungs, you can promote healing from within.

Treatment of COPD Without Drugs

If you’re looking to directly address disease progression, it may be time to consider stem cell therapy. Rather than only addressing the symptoms of lung disease, stem cell therapy may affect disease progression, may improve quality of life and pulmonary function within patients. For those who suffer from lung disease, a change in quality of life could mean the difference between struggling to walk to the mailbox and riding a bike.

If you or a loved one suffers from a chronic disease like COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema or other symptoms of lung disease, the Lung Institute may be able to help with a variety of adult stem cell treatment options. Contact us today at (800) 729-3065 to see if you qualify for stem cell therapy, and find out what stem cell therapy could mean for you.

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  1. Lung Institute

    7 months ago


    Thank you for your comment. Water aerobics and swimming can be great, low impact choices for incorporate more exercise into your life. I applaud you for looking into trying these exercises! I would recommend checking with your primary care physician before starting any new exercise routine. He or she will also be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about chlorine and other chemicals.

    -Lung Institute

  2. Linda Bragg

    7 months ago

    WhAt are your thoughts on swimming in an indoor pool for exercise? I have read that the chlorine and other related gases can damage lung tissue.

  3. Matt

    10 months ago

    Hello Rita,
    Thank you for your post. The Lung Institute operates a clinic in Pittsburgh, PA. If you are interested in learning more about stem cell therapy and our Pittsburgh clinic, please give us a call at (855) 313-1149. Thanks again and have a great day.

  4. Rita

    10 months ago

    Do they do stem cell in the state of pennsylvanis

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  6. PB

    2 years ago

    Dear Mildred,

    Thanks for your comment. We’re glad to hear that you found this article helpful. Keep checking-in with our blog to read more articles on a variety of subjects. We’re happy to answer any questions you have regarding stem cell treatments with us, so feel free to contact us at (855) 313-1149. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind Regards,

    The Lung Institute

  7. Mildred Davis

    2 years ago

    This is so wonderful! I am so excited and thankful for new ‘natural’ ways to help
    people with COPD. I wish that that it was made public knowledge about the dangers
    of smoking years ago – but that would have cut into the tobacco/pharm companies.

    I truly wish that you had a center in Boston, MA.

    With sincerity,

    Mildred Davis

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