Turning the COPD Clock Back 25 Years for Ronald M.

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Each person’s journey with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a little different, but there aren’t many who have been on as long a journey with this chronic lung disease as Ronald M. For 25 years, he has been fighting with the symptoms of his COPD and Emphysema, but it took cellular therapy from Lung Health Institute to give him his first victory.

What Was Ronald’s Life Like Before Treatment?

In January 2019, Ronald’s pulmonologist told him that he had stage 4 COPD, which is the most serious stage of this chronic lung condition. Over the 25 years it had taken him to reach that point, Ronald had tried many types of medication, but nothing seemed to help.

COPD had robbed Ronald of his ability to do so many things. He couldn’t take a shower without help. He couldn’t do his regular shopping at the store. It had also become impossible for him to lead the singing at his church or help with communion on Sundays.

Ronald and His Doctors Weren’t Sure About Cellular Therapy at First

After he was told his COPD was in stage 4, Ronald began looking for alternative treatments for his chronic lung condition. He met a woman who lived nearby who had tried cellular therapy from Lung Health Institute, and it was clear that it had been very helpful for her.

Ronald also talked with his doctors, and both of the ones he talked to said cellular therapy wouldn’t be able to help him. In fact, one of them said that he would be wasting his money. However, Ronald still decided to go forward with the treatment.

Cellular Therapy Helped Ronald Turn Back the Clock

Since having his first cellular therapy treatment, Ronald’s life has improved drastically. He’s been able to get back to church now, and taking a shower on his own is an everyday occurrence once again. He’s also noticed his attitude is much more positive. “I’m happy all the time now,” he says.

Ronald has also seen improvements in his pulmonary function tests. His latest test showed that his lungs are working about 33% better than they were before his treatment. Although he hasn’t been able to do so for years, he’s now able to jog, and Ronald says, “I feel like I never had this disease.” He heartily recommends cellular therapy from Lung Health Institute to other COPD and Emphysema patients, saying, “It will change your life.”

Find Out More About Cellular Therapy at Lung Health Institute

Lung Health Institute is proud to offer cellular therapy to patients like Ronald who have COPD and other chronic lung diseases, and we want to help you take the next step to Breathe Easier™.

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