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Two Years of Breathing Easier

14 May 2015
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Two Years Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is Celebrating its Two Year Anniversary

Tampa, FL (May 14, 2015) – The Lung Institute is celebrating two years of helping patients breathe easier. Over the past two years, they have completed over 800 treatments to help those with debilitating lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis or interstitial lung disease.

The Lung Institute uses cellular therapy to improve lung function. Everyone has cells in their bodies that act as our body’s system to promote healing. Cellular therapy specifically targets damaged areas and accelerates the healing process. The Lung Institute uses a minimally invasive procedure that extracts cells from fat tissue, blood or bone marrow, and reintroduces them back into the body, targeting the damaged lung tissue. While cellular therapy isn’t a cure, it has significantly improved many patients’ lives by allowing them to breathe easier.

Lung Institute Patient Testimonials

Lung Institute patient, Arnold M., recalled a recent appointment with his pulmonologist after undergoing a cellular therapy treatment. “The pulmonologist said, ‘You seem to be doing real well, what have you been doing lately?’ I said that I’ve just been taking care of myself and he goes ‘My god, you’ve been doing a good job.’ He couldn’t believe I was that good. So, I walked up and down the hall for him and he said, ‘My god you are doing good.’ Then I told him about cells and he stood there with his mouth hanging open. I guess he didn’t run across anybody that has done it. He was kind of amazed.”

Another patient, Gary W., talks about his experience with cellular therapy with the Lung Institute. “It’s worked. It’s done a great job for me, we can tell the difference. In fact, so well that we’re leaving tomorrow morning for Vegas. Last couple times we’ve been there we haven’t left our condo but 2-3 days out of the week because I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t walk… not so this year. I can walk, I can talk. Unlike before, I wouldn’t be able to finish a whole sentence without taking a deep breath. None of that exists anymore.”

New Clinic Opening in Pittsburgh July 2015

The Lung Institute is excited to celebrate two years of helping those with debilitating lung disease enjoy a better quality of life. They have clinics in Tampa, Nashville and Scottsdale, and are looking forward to opening a new clinic in Pittsburgh in July 2015.

About the Lung Institute

At the Lung Institute, we are changing people’s lives across the nation through the innovative technology of regenerative medicine. We recognize the challenges of finding effective and sustainable treatment options for patients who might be suffering from debilitating lung diseases, and we are committed to providing patients a more effective way to address pulmonary conditions and improve quality of life. Our goal is to help patients breathe easier and bring life back within reach. For more information, visit our website at LungInstitute.com, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or call us today at 888-745-6697.

*For more information, go to www.LungInstitute.com/Results.

All claims made regarding the efficacy of Lung Institute's treatments as they pertain to pulmonary conditions are based solely on anecdotal support collected by Lung Institute. Individual conditions, treatment and outcomes may vary and are not necessarily indicative of future results. Testimonial participation is voluntary. Lung Institute does not pay for or script patient testimonials.

As required by Texas state law, the Lung Institute Dallas Clinic has received Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval from MaGil IRB, now Chesapeake IRB, which is fully accredited by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program (AAHRPP), for research protocols and procedures. The Lung Institute has implemented these IRB approved standards at all of its clinics nationwide. Approval indicates that we follow rigorous standards for ethics, quality, and protections for human research.

Each patient is different. Results may vary.