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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Those with Lung Disease and Their Caregivers

13 Feb 2018
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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Those with Lung Disease and Their Caregivers

Valentine’s Day is a day of love.

It’s a day dedicated to showing the people in our lives how much we appreciate them. That we care for them. That our world is a much better place solely because they’re in it. One way we do this is by giving them Valentine’s Day gifts.

Gift Ideas for Those with Lung Disease

So, what are the best gifts for those who struggle with lung diseases? Here are four to consider.

  1. Plants that Purify the Air. Sometimes flowers’ fragrances can be a little too overwhelming for someone with a lung disease. So, why not give your loved one a plant that can actually help them improve the quality of the air? Some of the best air-purifying plants (that are also easy to care for) include spider plants, dracaenas, golden pothos, and chrysanthemums.


  1. Unscented Gifts. Other scented items can also sometimes upset the respiratory tract of individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and other types of lung issues. Therefore, one way to avoid this is to choose unscented gifts instead. A few that are at the top of the gift list could include:
  •  Candles
  • Bath products
  • Body lotions


  1. A Clean-Air Getaway. Another option for those who like to give experiences versus gifts is to schedule a little getaway. It doesn’t have to be far either. Sometimes staying in the next town over is enough to feel like they’ve had a break. To do this in a way that helps them get cleaner air in the process, make sure you ask for a non-smoking room and a room without a fireplace. By limiting these two smoke-based sources, your loved one will be able to breathe easier while enjoying his or her time away.


  1. A Commitment to Help Them Improve Their Lung Health. Perhaps the best gift you can give someone you love is a commitment to help them improve their lung health. This may involve agreeing to exercise with them regularly so they can strengthen their lungs or offering to take them to their treatments before they even have to ask.

Caregiver Gift Ideas

Of course, we can’t forget the caregivers, the people who give selflessly day in and day out to help improve the quality of life of someone struggling with a lung disease.

What are some ways to say thank you for all you do?

  1. Spa Gift Card. Why not treat your caregiver to a day or night of pampering with a gift card to a local spa? This enables them to pick the service or services they’d enjoy most while allowing them to relax a bit too.
  2. A Hobby-Related Gift. If your caregiver has a hobby, another option is to get a gift that goes along with it. For instance, if they enjoy reading, you could get them a membership to a book club. Or, if they like to garden, you could get them some new gardening tools.
  3. A Dinner Out. Even if you enjoy cooking, it’s nice to have someone else do it from time to time, which makes a dinner out a great gift for a caregiver who is generally responsible for all of the meals.
  4. A Housekeeper-For-A-Day. Another option is to give them a day off from keeping house by hiring someone to come in for one day and do everything for them. No doubt they’ll feel pampered.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and these are just a few ways to show the special person in your life just how much they’re cared for.

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