What Are Tips to Quit Smoking?

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of smokers has fallen in recent years, but there are still more than 38 million Americans who smoked in 2018. If you’re among this number, you may be looking for a way to quit smoking, and finding tips to make the transition to a nonsmoker easier is vital to your success.

3 Tips That May Make it Easier to Quit Smoking

At Lung Health Institute, our health care team knows that smoking is problematic for many reasons. One important reason is it greatly increases your risk of developing a chronic lung disease. In fact, smoking is one of the most common causes of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema and other chronic lung conditions.
Now that you know what smoking can lead to, our team wants to help you quit smoking, and we can offer you 3 tips that may make this task easier. The first tip we have for you is to make sure you have an ironclad reason for quitting before you try to quit. For instance, you can focus on reducing your risk of COPD, or perhaps you want to protect your family members from the dangers of secondhand smoke. Regardless of your reason for quitting, you should try to ensure it’s strong enough to overcome temptations to smoke again once you’ve quit.
A second tip that may help you quit smoking more easily is to have a support system in place. For many smokers, smoking is a social activity. After all, many people smoke with their friends or when they’re with family. For this reason, it makes sense that you’ll want to enlist the help of your friends and family when you’re trying to quit smoking. This way, they’ll be able to provide you with physical and emotional support during your journey toward becoming a nonsmoker.
Considering nicotine replacement therapy is the third tip from our health care team. Nicotine is the chemical in tobacco that creates the addiction to cigarettes in the first place, and your brain may have a hard time letting this substance go if you try to quit cold turkey. However, there are now numerous gums, patches and pills on the market that allow you to gradually phase out the amount of nicotine you’re taking in every day. In turn, this more gradual approach may make it easier for some people to quit smoking.

Lung Health Institute Can Help People Treat Chronic Lung Diseases

Quitting smoking is a vital step in reducing your risk of developing a chronic lung disease or slowing its progression if you already have one. Besides quitting smoking, there are other ways our health care team at Lung Health Institute can help you treat chronic lung diseases.
For instance, we offer 3 Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ plans, and these plans may help you boost your immune system and train your body to use fats to fight inflammation. We also offer cellular therapy, and this minimally invasive treatment uses your body’s own cells in ways that may promote lung tissue repair and reduce inflammation.
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