What Do You Buy Someone With COPD?

by | Nov 25, 2015 | COPD

Buying a gift for someone can be an exciting adventure or a daunting escapade that leaves you scratching your head. If you know someone living with a lingering lung disease like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), then finding the perfect gift becomes much more difficult. You may be wondering if there are any gifts you can give that might make his or her life with COPD a little easier to manage. Well, you are in luck because there are a number of great gifts available that can help someone with COPD. Here are a few ideas that we have complied for you:

  1. Finger Pulse Oximeter  This device allows people with COPD to keep track of their blood-oxygen levels. This makes it a precious tool because it helps patients to better manage their own condition, especially if they are on oxygen therapy. Consider this a great gift for any COPD sufferer.
  2. Wellness Gift Basket  A wellness gift basket can offer all of life’s guilty pleasures, without the guilt. You can include organic gourmet snacks, soothing tasty teas and healthy fruits to promote a healthy body. Wellness is one of the best things you can offer to someone with an illness like COPD.
  3. Gym Membership/Pulmonary Rehab Equipment  Exercise is commonly overlooked when managing the effects of COPD. Regular exercise can help patients utilize oxygen more efficiently, increase their mood, sleep and overall quality of life. A gym membership also offers health and wellness classes and in most cases, a dietician to aid in better eating habits. Another option is to include fitness equipment at home that any COPD patient can use. Having a pulmonary rehab program encourages the sufferer to take part in aerobic exercises, leading to better lung health.
  4. Tablet  We know, a tablet seems like an odd gift to promote wellness, but it can actually be very beneficial. A tablet offers different programs and apps all in one convenient location. A person can watch movies, read a book, listen to music or even surf the internet. All of this leads to relaxation and stress relief, which are important in the management of COPD.
  5. Quality Time Together  COPD often inhibits people’s ability to do everyday things such as eating at restaurants or going out to movies. In severe cases, it can even interfere with a person’s ability to leave their house for anything. Perhaps the most important gift you can give is yourself. Your time, attention and affection are perhaps the best gifts of all!
  6. The Ability to Breathe Easier  Most COPD treatments only relieve the symptoms of the disease. There is a new option available in the form cellular therapy that can promote healing. Donating to this treatment is a great gift for any COPD patient looking to breathe easier.

You have plenty of gift options for your COPD friend or loved one! If you choose to give them the ultimate gift of a better quality of life, contact the Lung Health Institute or call us at 888-745-6697 to give somebody the ability to breathe easier.

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