What Foods Should Be Avoided with COPD?

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Blog, COPD, Diet And Nutrition, Lung Disease

When you’re diagnosed with COPD, you need to think of treatments that can help improve your ability to breathe and slow the progression of the disease. Something else you’ll need to think about is diet.

The food you eat plays a large role in your lung health and your overall health. Certain vitamins, nutrients and minerals can help improve the strength and functionality of your lungs. It’s important to consume foods that are packed with these kinds of essential components to help boost your lung health.

It’s equally important that you avoid certain foods that can make the symptoms of your COPD worse. To help you improve your quality of life with COPD, we’ve highlighted a few foods below to avoid.

Foods that people with COPD should not eat

  1. Foods with nitrates — Nitrates are known to cause the symptoms of COPD to grow worse. These are commonly found in cured meats, like hot dogs and ham. Cut back on these foods or eliminate them from your diet entirely to help improve your lung health.
  2. Foods high in sodium — Salt causes your body to retain more water, which makes your lungs have to work harder. People with COPD should eat low or no sodium diets.
  3. Cabbage and related foods —  Cabbage and similar foods, like broccoli and Brussels sprouts, can cause bloating that puts pressure on your lungs, which makes it more difficult for you to breathe.
  4. Foods high in sulfites — Sulfites can make your airways become more narrow. These are typically found in shrimp and certain wines.
  5. Foods high in carbs —  Simple carbs, such as carbs found in bread or sugar, can increase the amount of carbon dioxide in your body, which makes your lungs work harder. Try replacing high-carb foods with healthier whole grain options, like quinoa or chia seeds.

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