What Happens During a Consultation

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At Lung Health Institute, we’re a patient-first organization. I, along with the rest of our medical providers, want to make sure that all your questions are answered before you come to one of our clinics to receive cellular therapy.
As a service to you, we offer all potential patients a free consultation with one of our medical providers. We offer this service over the phone or in person for those considering any of our 5 clinic locations. 
Here, I’ll give you a brief overview of the consultation process, and I encourage you to learn more about what to expect during a consultation by watching the educational video we’ve created.


First, We Get to Know You

We’ll go over your lung condition diagnosis, symptoms and the medications and treatments you are using. We’ll also talk about how effective your current treatment plan is: Do your treatments effectively manage your symptoms? Have your treatments become less effective over time? 

Next, You Get to Know Us

During your consultation, our medical providers will explain Lung Health Institute’s treatment for chronic lung disease: cellular therapy. Cellular therapy uses your body’s own cells to work within the lungs and may be able to reduce inflammation and slow the progression of your condition. Our treatment can help decrease the frequency and severity of symptoms and improve your quality of life. At 3 months following treatment, 91.6% of patients report a positive outcome.*
Our medical providers will also discuss the benefits of choosing Lung Health Institute for treatment:

  • Our clinics maintain The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval®
  • Our doctors are board certified
  • Our medical team provides outcome tracking and documentation for 1 year following treatment

Finally, We Discuss the Next Steps on Your Treatment Journey

You’ll have an opportunity to ask our medical providers any questions you have about the treatment process. After your consultation, the next step is for our medical records team to request your medical records for review. We require a medical screening to determine if you are a candidate for cellular therapy. 
If you are interested in scheduling your free consultation, contact one of our patient coordinators today.

Speak with a Patient Coordinator Today

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