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What is My Why? Aurora White

24 Jan 2018
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Why Is My Way_Aurora

A featured series where Lung Institute employees tell their stories #WhatIsMyWhy

A couple years ago, I was downstairs in the clinic and I met this woman and her husband who had traveled from Africa so she could have our cellular therapys. She was very bad off and frail and she could barely talk because her disease was so bad. Her husband had to talk for her. I prayed with her and her family.

About a year later, I just happened to be going downstairs to the clinic and I saw this woman in the clinic and I thought to myself, “I know that woman, she looked very familiar.” She looked so beautiful and she was healthy looking and sitting tall in her chair.

I went on to do what I had come down to do, but as I was leaving I had to say something to her and figure out how I knew her. It was then I realized she was the woman from Africa who I had met more than a year ago.

We talked, and she told me the treatment had worked and she was so grateful. She looked like a different person and she said she had her life back. I could see life in her eyes which I didn’t see earlier. And, her husband was so happy.

So Many Great Stories to Tell

I love stories like that and I really enjoy working with our patients. We meet some very sick people who are looking forward to and are very grateful to be getting treatment at the Lung Institute. They are excited about the potential of having this cellular therapy.

Medical records used to be in the clinic and it was an awesome time. I had a chance to meet the patients who I had talked with on the phone. I also have talked with their doctors and family members.

I have had the opportunity to cry with them and to pray with them. Whatever the need was, I was there for them. Their stories are very touching.

Lung Disease Has Touched My Family

My mom will be 90 years old in July. She was recently diagnosed with early stage COPD. You may remember in December, RMS Life gave out its 12 Days of Giving to people with lung disease.

My mom received one of those and we are so excited and so grateful. She is planning to have the venous treatment in February.

She was having breathing issues and she went to a cardiologist who said it wasn’t her heart, it was her lungs. It is very early stages, but I can see the progression.

She loves to cook and volunteers at the church in the kitchen and I just noticed that the whole experience of being on her feet and in the kitchen was getting a little bit tiring for her.

Her primary doctor has seen the positives of cells. She has had patients who had success with cells for knees and she was all on board for my mom to do this.

A Company That Continues to Give Back

I love how this company gives back to the community. I have had the opportunity to volunteer at Trinity Café and I recommend that to any employee here. If you really want to be humbled and really find value in what you do, go serve someone else.

You don’t find many companies that allow its employees to do things like this on work hours, and that is a huge plus for me. That is what this company does.

But it Comes Back to the Patient

I have worked here for three years. Before that, I spent many years in oncology and at the American Cancer Society. I am a very positive person and I always want to offer a positive light.

I am very fortunate to work with patients who are incredible people, with incredible stories to tell and a strong will to survive. I can help give them a chance at a better quality of life.


* Every patient is given a Patient Satisfaction Survey shortly after treatment. Responses to the 11-question survey are aggregated to determine patient satisfaction with the delivery of treatment.

^ Quality of Life Survey data measured the patient’s self-assessed quality of life and measurable quality of improvement at three months of COPD patients.

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