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What is My Why? Jennifer Thompson

25 Apr 2018
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A featured series where Lung Health Institute employees tell their stories #WhatIsMyWhy

I come from a family of smokers. When I learned about cellular therapy at my former company, I became very intrigued and fascinated about the use of this type of treatment within health care. The type of progress that can be made with cellular treatment is incredible. I love being involved on the ground floor of companies with innovative approaches, and the Lung Institute is definitely one of those organizations!

I’ve been here for just over three years, and I am truly blessed. Each day that I come into work I’m able to witness and become a part of another patient’s journey to a new hope and better quality of life.  This is not a job — this is an opportunity to be a positive introduction to something that many patients are nervous and worried about having done. It truly is a game changer for many patients and it is so rewarding to be a part of their journey and watch them benefit from the treatment!

There was one patient, specifically, that was given just three months to live just prior to coming in for treatment. Prior to coming in to the Lung Health Institute, this patient had been told by a doctor that there was nothing else that could be done and that it was time to go home and get their affairs in order. That was more than 2 ½ years ago, and the patient is doing great!

My Family

My motto is to treat patients and their family members how I would like to be treated — I treat them as though they are family. It’s my goal to make sure that they are comfortable and informed prior to ever walking in the door to our clinic for treatment. I allow them the time and opportunity to talk and ask questions. I let them know that I am excited about their decision to come and see us, and that I commend them for doing so. When they are here, I make sure that they are not in need of anything. If that requires going to the store for them and dropping something off at the hotel after work, it’s on my list of things to do. Their time here with us is of the utmost of importance to me. I care about them and want them to have the best experience possible.

I’m grateful for this company and the opportunity that it affords to individuals who have given up hope. I am excited for the arena of cellular therapy and am honored to be with such an innovative company who pushes the status quo so that individuals who are suffering from lung disease have hope for a better quality of life. There is hope for a better quality of life, please do not give up! #WhatIsMyWhy

* Every patient is given a Patient Satisfaction Survey shortly after treatment. Responses to the 11-question survey are aggregated to determine patient satisfaction with the delivery of treatment.

^ Quality of Life Survey data measured the patient’s self-assessed quality of life and measurable quality of improvement at three months of COPD patients.

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