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by | May 29, 2018 | Blog, Featured

I chose to work at the Lung Health Institute because I immediately connected with its focus on healthcare innovation. I consider myself an innovator, and I wanted to work for an organization that’s leading the future of our industry.
Every patient story touches my heart in some way. I love hearing about success stories, because I think they are one of the most powerful tools in motivating people to live healthy. I believe our success is measured by our patients’ satisfaction with our services and the care they receive when visiting. When I hear the stories of their struggles before they came to us for treatment and their success stories post-treatment, I feel a sense of personal and professional pride and accomplishment.
I love my job because people care about me as a person and about my professional growth. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals, all revolving around helping patients, that I have not found at other organizations. The LHI culture also fosters a sense of belonging and ownership that is propelled by our leadership team, who give value to our voices.
Not only have I gained professional growth from working at LHI, but I have also gained great friends and a work family like no other. My experiences with our patients has also made me vulnerable to becoming a more humble and open-minded individual.

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